Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 2



the way home last night was... undescribable

-Racket Lake
-Long Lake
-Norwichwalk III

Rich checked the 440 skags on the way home... twice
Whats a mushroom stamp?
Do I have to bring my reading glass?
Where's my key?
Riding 4th lake was like the March of the Penguins...
I love that dog...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Chautauqua Lake - Ride Log

Members: fitherr, scotty, p-dog, falcon

Non Members: Ted K., Zack, Vito, Trevor & Stefan

Trail System / Miles: Chautauqua Lake - 44 miles

Singificant Moments in HWMHSC: Pantera 440 continues to crash. No one hurt, except for their pride... Sled rolled over on 3rd turn, less than 1/2 mile from Sure Fine. Sled slid off trail 2nd time later in the morning. After lunch the 440 was found nestled between 2 trees. P-Dog attempts to drive the sled out in reverse while other HMWHSC members yell, "THE SKIES ARE STUCK". Stuck or not, P-Dog was going to get the sled out. He hammered it in reverse 2 or 3 more times. Finally, cooler heads prevailed, an 8" log was removed from the belly pan and the 440 was pulled out. All appears to be OK (minus the right mirror).

Notes: Left Fairport at 0755. Unloaded at Sure Fine. In snow around 1030. Rode to Tom's Tavern,Had lunch and returned. Trail Conditions started out good to excellent. Left earlier than expected as trail conditions deteriorated later in the afternoon as the temperature warmed up. Mileage was also on the low side due to inexperience of riders. Home at 1730.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Polaris Repair Log

1/5/2008 - Lost boogie on 4th Lake, picked up by brothers firtherr and p-dog
1/5/2008 - Ran out of gas on way to Tea House, only 90 miles after fill up, towed by brother firtherr
1/9/2008 - After further review, additional boggies in bad shape and sliders burn thru. Decided to replace all boogie wheels.
1/13/2008 - Rear suspension removed from sled, thanks brother firtherr. Parts ordered.
1/22/2008 - All parts arrive, assembly begins. Rear inner boogies froze. Need 2 additional boogies. thanks brother firtherr
1/23/2008 - Purchase additional boogies and bushings at Filers. All boogies installed and new slides installed. thanks brother firtherr and scotty.
1/24/2008 - Brother Scotty helped install rear suspension in Polaris. Here is how we did it. First we rolled the sled on its side, then maneuvered the suspension into the track. While still on its side we aliened and installed the front 2 bolts (hand tight). Next we rolled the sled back up right. To install the bolts connected to the shock, we compressed the suspension with a strap clamp. Scotty pushed down on the suspension and I tightened the clamp. After a couple trys we were able to alien the bolts and hand tighten them as well. On the Xtra 12 (133") suspension there are also a set of boggies in the back, upper that needed to be installed. We musseled these in (also using a rubber mallet when needed). All bolts where then tightened to according to spec. Lastly we aligned the track.... Not knowing the proper track tension, we inspected the Pantera which was professionally adjusted. (Note, with new boogie wheels and sliders, the track was tighter so the back idler wheels are now moved in as compared to their original position). While tested the track, brother Scotty noticed a rather loud noise. After further review, we discovered the front of the sliders were hitting the track. Brother firtherr arrived and it was decided to let the track naturally round these off (any thoughts mr. nappi?).

Since the gas mileage was poor (see 1/5/08 ran out of gas) it was decided the spark plugs should be changed. The right plug was arching inside the spark plug cap. (this is when brothers scotty and firtherr left). After inspecting the inside of the cap, I noticed the metal sparkplug connector could be removed. I replaced the metal connector with one from a spare CDI. The connection is now tight and the sled ran fine. Lastly a few missing body bolts were replaced and I called it a day.

Moral of the story... If you want to find something wrong with your sled look a little closer... If you don't, just jump on and ride...