Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 Trip - Awards

Favorite Bar: Wayback
Best Trail: 9-29-2
Most $$ lost at Quick-draw: J-Mo
Favorite Shot: Jameson's
Least Number of Miles leading: e-Rector 0
Rookie of the year: J-Mo (by default)
Best Meal: Irish Stew (thanks J-Mo)
Best Wings: Red Dog
Best Drink: Irish Coffees
Best Restroom: Trail 2
Best Place to Lose Hat: Trail 2
Best Place to Find Hat: Trail 2
Best New Nick Name: Firt, runners up Mert and eRector
Girliest Sled: ADK Motel Long Lake
Worst Slip of the Tongue: J-Mo slips f-bomb talking to kids
Best Bar Tender: Debra, J-Mo, Jessy, you vote... add a comment...
NEW->Best Popcorn: Van Auken's
NEW->Most Sleds Rode: Danno (580, 1000-Cat, Fan 440, Ski-Doo 700, Pantera 550... anything else?)

Wanna nominate someone for an award?  Just add a comment...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Trip - Day 4

-House to Dakers for SU vs. 'Nova, Nova shoots lights out and downs the Orange 83-72

  • On way to Daikers, Rector gets new Helmet due to fogging issue, Caddy has low beam issue
  • J-Mo accepted into Club pending 2012 attendance

-Daikers to Taproom via 7th/8th lake

  • Nappi bails and heads home 
  • Kurt doesn't remember taking Danno's helmet, see day 2
  • J-Mo tells Falcon and Caddy how he made his way to Rochester

-Taproom to Wayback (Scott loses hat in woods off trial 2)

  • Things get a little out of hand at Wayback... Kid issues /  Jukebox was crankin... 
  • Shot with Debra
  • Scott meets a Gal who he knows through his grandfather

-Wayback to Daikers

  • Scott finds hat
  • J-Mo hits tree $529 in damage
  • Pizza at Daikers
-Daikers to house for quick pit stop
  • Then there were 7... Pat and Rich stay home
  • J-Mo 2 ups with Danno
-House to Taproom
  • Meet Jennifer and her sister... they were friends this week, but last week they got in a fight
  • J-Mo catches up on his sleep
Miles: 93
Trip Total Miles: 436 (up from 392 in 2010)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011 Trip - Day 3 - Herding Cats....

-Down lakes on at Hollywood Hills
-Up Trail 1 to Stillwater Road to Still Water Inn
-Trail 1 was horrible, Big John forgets to bungie cord the cooler down, we lose the cooler and 11 koozies
-Across the lake to Beaver River / Norwichwalk stopped for lunch
-Down tracks to Big Moose... John drives 20 miles an hour on tracks... if that..
-Rector freezing up, stops at Big Moose Station and loses a glove... thank god we found it
-Wayback in.... Bartender is Debbie Who... gives Falcon a hard time about SU sweatshirt... she thought it was missing the "U" in the logo.... There was also a potential Richard Hyfax sighting at the wayback...
-Trail 2 down into Old Forge... groomers were out, trails beautiful.. split into 2 groups.. up lakes to Daikers
-Down lake and up south shore road to Red Dog for wings.... J-Mo trys to buy the English flag for $450... he wants to burn it.
-Lady walks out of kitchen on knees impersonating a midget... Danno "what do we do now?"
-J-Mo is watching roller derby from 1970's as I write this...
-North on South shore rd to Woods Inn... side hello to Kelly
-Herding cats on the lake over to North Woods Inn... big d takes lead, J-mo follows... the rest scatter
-North woods to house... Danno cooks hockey pucks.... grill malfunction - flame ups... it has been suggested to bring a fire extinguisher

Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Trip - Day 2 - Irish Thursday....

View Old Forge 01-20-2011 in a larger map

-In todays episode of what did Gman lose.... (insurance card, found by falcon)
-Starting Milage 366, Yesterday 104 miles
-House to Raquette lake, cross lake and have beer at Forked Lake
-Stop at Adirondack Hotel (long lake)
-Margie made bloodie marys from scratch
-Scott smells like Rector... gas cap issue.
-45 miles from Adirondack Hotel to Childwold
-Adirondack Hotel to Tap Room
-Danny checks skags on Raquette Lake
-At tap room, Scott orders Old Mill, Big John mistakenly orders whole milk
-some random lady at the Tap Room comments on Danno, G-man, Big D and Pat playing cards "I think you guys should be playing strip poker"
-J-Mo, fidgeting is masturbating in Ireland....  a Nappi is a diaper...
-Tap Room to Dakers, 580 shuts down, slinky malfunction… possible cylinder issue, but we get it restarted… Rode back to house to check on Caddy and the 580 wont start… Towed to Clarks Stater Issue???
-Danno and Gman 2-up to Dakers… snow flap dragging on the ground like a groomer… it was flat as a pancake behind that thing…
-Danno rides Ghost Rider remainder of the night…
-Angry Rich shows up at Dakers

-Dakers to Big Moose Inn for Dinner a little business before dinner...

-J-Mo makes Irish Coffees, see video
-Big Moose to Van Aukens, sliky malfunction #2…. Big D slips off trail, J-Mo puts on his helmet backwards & cuts his nose.
-J-mo renames p-dawg “e-rector”
-Richard proposes we drop the slinky and its everyman for himself
-Gas at fast track, scott takes us up the lakes and gives us all a lesson on the safe lake crossing, up to Tap Room
-Kurt likes Christmas trees, and trys to steal Danno’s helmet, called J-Mo english
-Back to house and had plates… J-Mo’s sled parked across the street
-Jessy going to dentist today....
-J-Mo calls sled (ski-doo, ski machine, bike, jetski)
-New Equipment Reviews....
Big John - Zox Helmet - love it, Skis, corners much better, a little darting
G-Man - rebuilt sled...
Nappi - new shield - love it back to normal
Boz - new belt - its a new sled
Falcon - gloves - awesome, springs loosen up back end
Big D - Gloves - 60% not that happy

-Blood sugar 72 yesterday, 96 this morning
-Falcon and Firtherr viewed rooms at Tap Room on Wednesday

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Trip - Day 1.

View Old Forge 01-19-2010 in a larger map

-All vehiles on the road by 0800
-Big John & Falcon stop at Hudons and see Roger, pick up gas cap, stop switch and skags
-G-Man looses iPad power cord in driveway
-Arrive at house by 1230
-Head out to Hard Times Cafe for lunch
-Falcon is angry.... big d is wearing a hockey hoodie and making falcon even more angry
-On ride to tap room, multiple mechanical issues with the newest sled in the fleet
-Mary Burke is getting a divorce and doesnt drink anymore... move to Old Forge and doesnt drink anymore... "She was an ugly drunk"
-On return trip from Tap Room, J-Mo (Damian) gets new sled, break light out...scott fixes sled, found loose connection
-Up to glenmore, J-Mo breaks skag
-Lost Firth and danno on the way home... slinky issue... stopped at big moose station.... some old dude at big moose station "I only missed out twice... once i wasnt there and once i wasnt asked.
-back to house for Irish Stew, p-dawg in the house at 2030
-ran back up to tap room for one, then home from 8th to 7th

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cato 1-16-11

-Dave, Michelle, Pam, Pat, Trevor & Emma... Met Sykes at the 104 Store
-On the road at 830
-White outs on the way to the 104 store
-Breakfast at the 104 store
-took 4W to 5B, a little water on 4w before turing onto 5B
-5B was awesome after entering the Cato Trail Blazer System
-Stopped at TC's bar in for lunch and refreshments
-After leaving TC, rode for 45 minutes before we decided we were lost
-2:15 later we made it back to Cato, now its after 4
-Made a guy open his gas station (he was closing) as we were not going to make it home
-Took 55 back up to 4W. Sykes turn off by Duck Lake
-Home at 7pm
-Mileage? 60?

PS... Very proud of Michelle and how well she drove (after not being on a sled for 2 years). Rode safe and kept up with the pack... Not to mention having Emma on the back... Great job and cant wait to ride with Michelle again...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rascals with the Chicks.... (with a splinter to the Clubhouse...)

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-John, Sharon, Pam, Pat, Kathy and Dave
-Replacing P-Dawg's sliders, headed to Blue Heron Hills
-BHH to Rascals with stop at 104 for a beer
-Rectors sled is leaking gas at the cap... gas all over Pat's grande pantalones
-Pam rode the ZL500 too, so she smells like gas... its hot :-)
-Pat paid $10 towards the Grease and Go fund
-Quick Draw 12-14-44, $18 in, won $10, then lost another $12...
-Left Rascals down to Cary Lake, trails south of 104 were awesome
-Kathy leads for 3-4 miles
-Cary Lake Men's Room -  There is a TexaCo lubricant for everthing.... 670 are on the Pacific Locomotive...
-Cary Lake to BHH.  Falcon and Firtherr continue to Mulconrys via the tracks.  Sharon and Kathy drive trucks home
-Falcon's 700 would not go over 10 miles an hour after hitting corn rows north of Alpco... changed plugs, not help.... found the muffler was not seated properly, reseated and OK.
-Made it to Mulconrys after some tough riding thru a logged field
-Home at 1am

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sliders, Springs, Skis, Tail light and Go...

Repair Log...

Big D, replaced skags.... opps I mean sliders. Homemade slide hammer worked pretty good. Left side no problem, right side slider derailed and damaged the slider, Big D made a run to Filers for a second slider. Installation of 2nd slider on right side no problem. Had a hard time getting the right side slider screw back in. Was finally able to do it with drill clutched to #4.

Firtherr, installed new Ski Doo OEM Pilot skis. As per Ski-Doo (Deep center keel holds line in soft snow; shorter outside keel bites in cornering and reduces steering effort. Virtually eliminates darting.) Also found and repaired taillight short. Yellow wire broke off tail light socket. Note: this was taped, not soldered.

Falcon, replaced skags... I mean sliders... No issues. Also replaced rear springs (and spring clips) in hope of delivering more travel out of the rear suspension. Note: right side bogie by spring clip is frozen on the sled, removed the entire assembly to gain access to spring clip.

Start Time 1800
End Time 2230

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ontario -- Bill Grays and back with the Chicks.... (lost in Webster)

View Webster 01-09-2011 in a larger map

Members: Firtherr, P-Dawg, Scottie, Falcon
Guests: Sharon, Pam, Mary Fran, Kathy

Ride: Blue Heron to Tap Room (Bill Grays) and Back

-Gassed up and Mobile and headed up to Bill Grays
-In spots there was plenty of Snow.. in other it was thin... crossing corn fields going perpendicular to the corn rows was not enjoyable.
-There were a few water holes, nothing too bad, all passable.
(Editors note: I particularly enjoyed watching the girls cross water, they did a great job and have been coached well "Hit it when you cross the water")
-Lost in Webster... Headed up S43, but the trail old trail to Webster was closed. This caused quite a bit of confusion and dismay.
-Found new trail and headed north... Very enjoyable and no more road banging
-Made it to Bill Grays, Had some eats and a few pops.

-Polled the Girls at the bar with a few helmet talk questions:
?Will the girls ever take a solo ride? unanimous NO
?If you rode solo, who would lead? unanimous Kathy
?Who would get the Nappi award (fastest rider)? Mary Fran 2, Kathy 2
?Who would fix the sleds in the event of a break down? Sharon 3, Pam 1

-Headed back to Blue Heron, Sharon texted her rowing friend at Blue Heron that we were coming and keep the bar open...
-The Polaris Oil light turned on... Ran a little low... fortunately we had enough to get home YIKES
-Big Johns Tail Light is out... No break light or running light...
-Ride back was much faster as the girls were relaxed after the courage juice.
-Loaded the Sleds and had a few at Blue Heron

Stats (from Droid Tracking)
-Mileage 32.03
-Avg. Speed 16mph
-Max Speed 45mph

Grease and Go Maintenance Logs

Grease and Go Maintenance Logs (12/19/2010 thru 1/9/2011)

-1/9/11 G&G attending members
Big D

Please note multiple sleds were low on sliders and we have scheduled a sliders and go on Thrusday the 13th at 6:30ish... hope to see you there...