Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Destination Old Forge

Trail Report...

Ride Date: 12/30/09
Members: Firtherr & Falcon
Mileage: 111

On the road 0715... purchased trail pass and in the snow at 1118.
-took 1-3-9-5 to Daikers (closed until 4pm weekdays)
-all trails smooth including 5
-hit speeds of 80+
-went to Tavern for a drink and to warm up, met a couple from Williamson (optical engineers)

Headed up Uncas Rd... very flat... including the trolly bed... had a little laugh in my helmet about the Uncas Rd pile up last year and Vinnie missing the end of the trolley bed trail.
-Burgers at the Tap Room, Firtherr gets dbl cheeseburger
-Rooms available
-No Smoking in Tap Room, they were busted in June

Back down Uncas to Inlet, then Old Barn
-Irish Coffee with Bush Hill Whiskey was OK
-No Bird Seed yet...

Leaving the Old Barn we headed to the Big T with a stop at Sharon's Dare Devil Pit. Trail was bumpy... go figure

On the way back jumped on FX Matts (stopped at the Big-D in the Ditch site), headed over to South Shore Rd and the Saylor Camp. All is well down by Gull Rock.

Riding South Shore to Inlet, spotted some deer crossing the road. Stopped at Woods Inn.
-No Tracks jumping on lake
-Does Kelly have new big ideas?
-Had to leave quickly do to a plumbing issue

Left Woods Inn and headed to Glenmore via 5-9-2 then down Big Moose Rd. Yes you guessed it.... another Irish Coffee. College Bartenders were in :-) On the way... I was thinking about what Kelly said.....
-"Your body has to get use to the cold" hmmmm is this true... Of Course it is because A) I was feeling much warmer B) Kelly is smart and C) She is a bartender for Christ sakes

Took Big Moose Rd to 5 then stopped at North Woods Inn... Bartender is a 'Cuse fan. Learned about the Adirondack Ice Bowl & studied the map.

Took 5 all the way into Old Forge... very smooth and fast...

Loaded up and hit the road... Last 3 stops, Byrne Dairy (coffee), Hieds (dogs) Mulconrys (scotch)

Weird stuff
-dumb - guy driving a power wheel chair thru the snow on rt 365
-dumber - cross country skier on trail 9

.....A Little Didy.....

Traveling up we drove big blue

Fired up our mighty ski-doo

What trail to ride 3, 5 or 2?

Destination… who the fuck knew…

Friday, December 4, 2009

Repair Log: Springs and Wings

Members: Firtherr / Falcon
Date: 12/4/09
Sled: 2003 Ski Doo Grand Touring Sport
Issue: Spring Replacement

prior to reading this... see previous entry... Thursday, January 29, 2009 Day 2 "Firtherr breaks sping"

A little more background... after a detail review of Marks work, the replacement spring was clearly not Ski Doo BRP OEM.... Big John would have none of this and declared this spring must be replace prior to leaving Old Forge.

The job began by hoisting the sled approx 1-2 inches off the ground. A 10mm allen wrench was used to remove the upper suspension bolts. Both sides must be freed up before the bolts can be removed. If one bolt is froze, you wont be able to remove the second as they thread into the axle. At one point we held the axle with pliers to free up a bolt.

Working on one side of the axle at a time we removed a bushing, spring and boogie. Carefully we removed the spring clamp on the lower rail as there could be tension on the springs. The spring then came off. I would also suggest setting the spring tension to lowest setting before starting. Sounds like a no brainer, but we didn't. This is about the time Johnny got us a couple beers.

Installation was basically the reverse, install spring (make sure it is on correctly cuz I put the second one on upside down), clip, boogie, spring and bushing.

After both sides are complete the suspension bolts need to be installed. This is typically the tricky part. Using the hoist we made quick work of it.

While we were at it we greased the suspension... and don't forget the speedometer...

Lastly we tested the suspension and had a few more beers.

PS... we never did order the wings though...