Monday, February 4, 2008

Pics and Flix...

Now that Brother Polarassssss has ruined my clean reputation at work, I decided to post some pics of the trip... These are from my phone. Feel free to add to the collection...

Brother Firtherr / Snowdoo

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day 4

-162 miles (130 for most riders except Firtherr)
-Total Trip Miles 454 (calculated taking the highest total from each day)
-Polaris Rear Upper boogies bent, sled unrideable, Dave rides 580, damage may have been caused on ride to Long Lake.
-SU beats Nova (at Nova), watched 2nd half at Old Barn
-Dave to bartender at Old Barn "Who is Ron?" Bartender "Why do you want to know?"
-"Which is understood, need not be discussed" Ron (Sign in Old Barn, Ron is the owner)
-"The truth is the funniest part of life" anonymous
-Big T, fed the deer
-Past Cops on C8 beating near the ranger station
-Rode to Indian Lake, got gas at the Mobil, met an angry apache.... ouch
-had beer and snacks at Indian Lake Restaurant, Tavern & Liquor Store (thanks Rich for remembering the name)
-rode back to the house to see if p-dog was there
-dinner at N. Woods Inn (SUCKS) - only full service lodge in Old Forge.... Services Sucks and so did the food
-NWI to Tap Room (where else would we go?) Got there just before the freak show started. Met Mary Burke, she owns the town. left at 12:03am, home by 12:30, loaded sleds & debrief, in bed by 2.
-just in case you need to contact Mary (courtesy of

Burke, M E[undisclosed] HC 82 Box 572Raquette Lake, NY 13436(315) 354-4624

I think she owns Burkes Marina... Scottie, ever heard of it?

-DAY 5
Nappi on rode by 7:30
Firth, Falcone & Kohl 8:45
D & V 9:00
Scott and G-man 9:15

Videos... riding to the big T big T intersection deer at big T

Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 3

-rained all day, watched 2 hrs of whacked out sports
-big moose yamaha does not take discover
-tap dancing your way down jackass alley
-dinner at house steaks were great brother scott
-voted on stickers (with the dog) and apparel (boz we need a t-shirt connection)...
-walked to woods inn and screaming eagle
-at 11:30 rode to n.woods inn, dakers and closed the tap room, home at 3, burgers then bed...
-FTI - fair 50%, good 50%, excellent 0% - lots of puddles, installed jet ski skags
-39 miles

oh yeah.... due to having to file non-profit status, we disbanded the HWHSC and re-instated with new by-laws as a Limited Liability Partnership. More details to follow...