Friday, December 31, 2010

Wester to Rascals for Wings and Laughs... 12-29-2010

View Snowmobile - 12-29-2010 - Webster in a larger map

-Parked at Blue Heron.. New Trail Spur...
-Gassed up down road at Mobil
-Road out toward Williamson...
-Snow was thin but trails were surprisingly flat... rumor has it many farmers planted Soy Bean vs Corn which kept the trails flat.
-Had a beer on the trail at 104
-Headed over to Rascals... Trail from 104 to Rascals was also surprisingly good
-@Rascals... parking lot packed... there were more sleds at Rascals than Dakers.... chicken wings were awesome, also had chicken fingers... lost 18 bucks on quick draw... 23/ 44/ 52... huge fish in the fish tank...
-Rascals to Carey Lake with a break at 104
-Seems like Carey Lake is serving minors... or i'm getting old...also the boyz were smoking in the back :-(
-Carey Lake manager said they stole the pond hockey tournament from Fairport... hmmm.... time will tell...
-Carey Lake to BHH, loaded and home by 1230

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sodus Ride - 12.27.2010

View Snowmobile - 12.27.2010 - Sodus in a larger map

Members: Big John, Zach, Falcon, Will

Milage: 40??


Parked at Wallington Fire House 7863 Ridge Road, Sodus, NY 14551

-In the snow around 1500
-Trails were mostly fair with some good and some poor...
-Headed west on C4... .
-North on s42..
-R bar closed...
-Buzzed the Sailor Cabin
-After 3 tries, got to Skippers... Closed
-Rode back to Franklin House for dinner.... Closed
-Rode into the point and ate at Captain Jacks...
-Quick ride back to the trucks...
-Packed up by 2000

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ride Alert Warning System

Just as a reminder, as president Warner's first official act he developed our new Ride Alert Warning System. So as the riding season begins please watch your email for the latest status, you don't want to be caught off guard when the general Tom Foolery and Shenanigans begin!

Ride Alert Warning System

Friday, June 4, 2010

Phone Numbers to remember

1) Shur Fine 716-595-3232
2) CJ 738-8353 (Met at Carey Lake, Snowmobile repair)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LAKE ICE: Ice Formation

I could not find any reference to blue ice but this is what I found for black ice and white ice.... There might be a quiz!

Lake ice occurs primarily in the Northern Hemisphere, where most of the ice is seasonal: it forms in the autumn, thickens during the winter and melts in the spring.

Meteorological factors such as air temperature, precipitation, wind speed and radiation balance coupled with physical characteristics of the lakes and ice (lake area, depth, volume and fetch; snow depth; ice thickness, type and albedo) lead to complex interactions and feedbacks that affect the timing of freeze-up and break-up (ice cover duration) each year.

In general, there are two types of lake ice. They are:

Congelation Ice (black ice) forms as water freezes on the bottom of the ice cover and the latent heat of crystallization is conducted upwards through the ice and snow to the atmosphere. Its growth rate is proportional to the rate at which energy is transferred from the bottom surface of the ice layer to the air above.
Congelation ice is often referred to as black ice because it has a high optical depth that permits significant light transmission to the underlying water.

Snow Ice (white ice) forms when the weight of a snow cover is sufficient to overcome the buoyancy of the ice supporting it, the ice surface becomes submerged and water flows through cracks in the ice and saturates the snow, which then freezes.
Snow ice is often referred to as white ice because it contains a large number of densely packed air bubbles and small ice crystals that cause strong light scattering and a high albedo.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 4

Mileage: 72 Total Trip Miles: 392

Trail Conditions: Good.

Weather: still cold…. Minus 18 this morning. Seemed warmer when the sun was out… Got colder at night… No Snow !!!

Route / Notes:
-Left house went down the lake to Woods Inn to watch the pond hockey and drink a beer. See videos below…
-Back to Clarks for Gas and over to the Hard Times café (I survived Trail 5) for lunch. Bartender Cara laughs as Big John reads yesterdays blog. She enjoyed the Fat Matt comment.
-Took trails up to the Glenmore to try to catch the end of the Cuse DePaul game, but they didn’t get the game (Cuse won 59-57). G-Man scolds Falcon for passing on the trail.
-Big Moose Lake to Big Moose Rd down to 4th lake. There was a traffic jam on the lake. Crossed the lake and got off by the Red Dog (didn’t stop).
-Took FX Matts over to 7th lake house. Not 7th lake boat house. Bartender (Jeff) gets after Falcon “It’s guys like you that make me wish DePaul won”. As we finish our first beer and start to think about leaving, Jeff breaks out chips and salsa…. Stay for second beer. Good Move Jeff. Rich says “I Don’t even know where we are”. Jeff explains black ice. It’s the ice that forms before the snow falls. Johnny said he doesn’t like the old barn. The people are crabby and the urinals smell. Some lady at the bar who liked to listen to our conversations, said the old barn is dark and creepy. It was also commented that they never run the train anymore. Nappi names the house “The walk in cooler”.
-Big John leads us back to the Red Dog to warm up. Jerry voted in as 2011 president. He wants to take us to the Poconos next year…
-Over to Dakers for some snacks (wings and nachos). John paints his electrical cord yellow.
-Head to Traven from Dakers. Watch the Kansas / Kansas St game. Drunk Ladies at bar tell him he looks like Tommy Lee Jones. Big-D’s lights didn’t work. Low beam blown and may have some rear lighting issues too.
-Tavern to Woods Inn, falcon left on the trail, meets up with them at Woods Inn. Rich and Nappi go home before Woods Inn, Big John goes home after Woods Inn.
-Scottie leads falcon, g-man and caddy down to the Red Dog. No one in the parking lot so we head over to Dakers. Place is packed with people from Jersey. Some guy named Pete (from North Jersey) wanted to be our friend.
-Left Dakers and went home to eat plates.



Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 3

Mileage: 80

Trail Conditions: Good.  FX Matts was excellent… first groomed trail we road this week (until we road over it twice..)

Weather: cold cold cold…. Minus 8 last night leaving the Tap Room.  Minus 20 this morning.  49 degrees in the house… We had to bring the salamander in for auxillary heat.

Route: Gas at Big Moose Yammy, down to North Street Snowmobile parts ??? in Old Forge (big-d) needed skags… Trails 1-2, Up to Big Moose Station (Lunch).  BMS down trail 10 to 5 to N. Woods.  Place was packed with Hockey Players… Went to Dakers.  Took Lake to Woods Inn.  Boz leaves to go home.  Down South Shore to Red Dog.  Ran up and down FX Matts (awesome…. sorry you missed it Boz).  South Shore up to FX Matts. Falcon & Firth to Dakers, Caddy to bed, Everyone else to Tap Room.  Falcon and Firth met up with rest of club at Tap Room.

Trail 10 sucked.  It was bad Wednesday and still is bad and will continue to be bad until it snows and a grommer comes thru.  The 2 trees laying across the trail is a good indication the town of webb has abandoned this trail.

Repair Log: Woodys is very happy.  We changed skags on several sleds.  Scottie, Caddy, Gman all needed skags…. So did Big D, but we haven’t located a pair yet.  Johnny also replaced a belt.

Bartenders…. How do you like that?
-Bartender at Big Moose Station (Steve) use to work at The Glenmore.  He quit because his brother is going thru a mid life crisis and wanted him to work in the kitchen.  “I don’t work in the kitchen”.  Steve makes a mean Irish Coffee.  He also road across slush on Big Moose Lake
-Matt at Screaming Eagle… Fat Matt.  He a big guy that’s for sure… has to turn sideways to get in/out of the bar.  Scotty took the ball and ordered pizza and wings at the bar.  The site of all that food on the bar got the best of Matt.  A lost sausage was sitting on the pizza tray.  Matt reaches over, grabs it and pops it in his mouth… How do you like that?
-Kelly at the Woods in says the “Killer Bees” are annoying… We all agreed Kelly is looking a little weathered.
-Kurt at the Tap Room was sober… This guy is either sober or the drunkest guy in the county.  There is no middle ground.  Big John asked him if he was an ice fisherman.  His idea of ice fishing includes a 12 pack.

-Most valuable Member award given to Falcon.
-Quote from Jimmy Cuttingham referring to all the layers you have to wear in the winter, remembered by Scottie…. “Six inches of close… 5 inches of dick, black men have that problem too.”
-Scotty gives Falcon another remedial lesson on riding the lakes…. From Dakers to Woods Inn… Stay left to Clarks Marina, then cut over to Woods Inn.  Going right is a bad idea.
-G-Mans sled has a shaved clutch…. It makes easier to change his belt. 
-We saw a couple leaving the Red Dog with 2 way radios.  Johnny asks the wife if she talks dirty to her husband, she said that’s the only time he listens to me.  It was suggested we buy radios.  Nappi thinks it a bad idea…  especially with your wife.  “your going the wrong way”  “why didn’t you warn me about that bump”
-left dollar at BMS
-Hats are helping build the clubs brand equity.  Several bartenders and patrons asked about the club. 
-Do you know the Buffalo Bees….
-Todd took a lot of heat yesterday.  Who’s Todd?  Ask g-man.
-John Firth resorts to name calling… Idiot…



Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 2

Mileage: 160

Trail Conditions: 7 of 10 on the Bozley scale. Firtherr says 58% Good, 11% Fair, 9% Poor,  22% excellent
Route: 5 to 9 to 1 to cross over down the 17 mile crossing to Trails End (formerly Bucs).  Bucs to Timberview.  Timberview to Montague.  Montague to Pine Tree, Pine Tree to Wayback, Wayback to Tap Room.  Tap Room Home.
Repair Log: Falcon skags @ Trails end (Mileage 1836), Firth skags at home, Jerry needs front end alignment

-excellent breakfest sandwitches.... thanks Caddy and Rich gets an assist
-met a group of couples.... they say to scott, "we don't ride, we plod."
-rich trail dials me 3 times
-Jerry rolls sled over and checks scags on the trail
-Lunch at Timberview
-Scott and Rich have a hard time getting up the hill.  Question: will they be picked next year?
-Scott, the thing I like the best about my new sled: smooth riding suspension, the thing I miss the most about the love seat (old sled) backrest and studs.
-Falcon and Firth lose $16 on quick draw, Rich even
-late night plates - thanks caddy
-DMB marathon at Tap Room, forces Rich to leave
-Little know fact.... Boz binges and purges.... he is becoming bulimic and love advil
-Nappi borrows Richs hat @ tap room



Trail recap

Trail 9

Timberview - nice hats



Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day One

-Left Rochester approximately 9am. Order of Arrival.... Nappi, Caddy & Big D, Falcon & Firtherr, G-man & Saylor, and Boz at 0020... Nice & Easy at rt 12&28 - nice bathrooms (when we arrived)
-Nappi sells Scout at Hudon's sled salvage for $200.  Proceeds fund the wally pool... We drink to the scout at Dakers and Tap Room.  Picture below....
-Jerry finishes PPT (power point presentation) & talks to boss.  Boss says "Its cool you own your own snowmobile... Be Safe." 
-Lost in Old Forge.... Danno & Big D couldn't find Dakers... Some think Danno's navigation skills were channeled into Caddy
-Left Dakers to have dinner at Glenmore.  Trail 10 sucked. Bumpy & hard.
-Cluster F on Big Moose Lake. Big D 270 spin, Nappi was lost, Caddy  & Nappi thru slush, Scott has to avoid Jerry.
-Big Moose Inn closed too
-Down Big Moose Rd, to Uncus to the Tap Room.  Dinner at the Tap Room.  Kurt (retard) bartending.  Big John unites with local.... Local says "Good call Sherlock".  "Holmes" says Fitherr... "Not Johnny" say local...

-Recapped "Top 10 Things G-Man Forgot" over the past years....
  1. gas cap @ big moose yamhma
  2. hat @ the taproom
  3. trades hat back in, but leaves blackberry at taproom
    (paid postage due to taproom last nite...  tard did not know what to do with it...)
  4. jacket at visitors center (TODAY!!!)
  5. left his innards at slickers...
  6. lost his wallet, found in his bibs
  7. left registration at big moose inn...
    (was mailed back...)
  8. left sled for other HMWHSC members to load and unload (as he finishes his PPT presentation...)
  9. power cord for helmet
  10. (stay tuned, i'm sure he will lose something today)
-Left Tap Room for the Tavern. Dog in the bar.... Owner says "Katie (the dog) is only as smart as the people around her"  just as G-Man calls the dog up on the "new" bar stools...
-Bartender wants to sell us his converted ambulance: 350 diesel, berber carpet, amish fireplace and a barker lounge chair... all lights work, no sirens, no rear brakes 
-Left Tavern to come home, Boz arrives at 12:20am

-Approx. 85 miles.
-Hockey Tournament at North Woods Inn


above: the scout is sold... lets steal it back, new hats below...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

17th Annual HMWHSC Husband / Wife / Sig Other Ride - Poke-Her-Run

Members: Cadillac, Falcon, Fitherr, P-Dawg
Wife / Sig Other: Linda***, Kathy, Sharon, Pam***

***Denotes first time "virgin" rider..

After a little waffling in the morning, we decided to go for it and take a ride. The sun was out and the snow as heavy. Most trails were fair, some good, some poor, some snirt. All in all a good time was had by all. 54 miles was bad either. Definitely a nice area to ride. I look forward to going back.

-2 cats down... neither owned by the rectors
-excellent planning by fitherr
-Pat takes a header on the trail
-Sharon drives 500 yards before jumping on the back of the doo
-Pam screams thru a corner into the bush
-Virgins (Linda and Pam) ride like pros
-Kathy trys to roll the polaris... twice
-a 25 mph minimum speed limit has been imposed on the next couples ride
-Doos ran hot and didnt want to start
-Cadillac lines up repair man and drops off sleds Sunday AM


Left Kaitlin Drive at 1pm, parked at Wallington Fire House 7863 Ridge Road, Sodus, NY 14551

-Unloaded sleds and gave virgin riders some last minute instructions. Pam's maiden voyage was interesting... I wish we got it on tape...
-Before we made it out of the Fire House fields, the 580 was not behaving. Plugs were changed and ether was sprayed. After a second test drive it was determined the clutch was fried...It would not release. The sled was loaded back on the trailer and big john and Sharon rode tandem.
-A quick not here, if you like all your fingers and how they work, do not stick them inside a busted clutch.

-Trails were mostly fair with some good and some poor... lots of snirt in the corners.
-Headed west on C4... the best trail of the day was the stretch on 104, smooth and flat... rumor has it some of the girls hit speeds of over 30 mph...
-North on s42.. at intersection 304... headed the wrong way... it lead us to a bar overlooking the bay... had our first drink of the day and got our cards
-After getting back on the trail, took s42 to the lake. stopped for a drink and snacks at the bluffs... Lake O was choppy and angry... took pictures, awesome stop
-Took s42B to Skippers Landing. Had a drink and got another card. as we were coming in a couple cops (on sleds) were leaving. the looked (casually) at all the sleds to make sure they were registered.
-Rode s42b, to s42 to c4 west into sodus point. on the way we stopped on the trail for a drink.
-stopped at Franklin House for dinner. had the place to ourselves... had a couple drinks and some bar food for dinner.
-leaving we leaded over the the Steger Haus for a final drink when the drive on Linda's cat broke free. towed the sled up the hill to Geneva Rd and dropped the girls off at the bar. the men went back to the vehicles, loaded the sleds and picked up the girls...
-Steger Haus wanted to close, so the men could not get a drink. Tried to stop at Cary Lakefor a beer but the lot was over flowing & no room to park. Access to the back lot was blocked...Headed home.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Night Repair

A few items neede to be repaired on the "Love Seat"... Items were discovered on 1/10/10 Saturday Night Ride...

1) Stop Light not working... Scottie did a little investigation and felt it was the a short in the wiring harness... he was correct. The wire was removed, repaired including soldering the new connections and reinstalled... worked A OK.
2) Battery low... added water to the batter... needs to be charged.
3) Gas gage not working... an inline fuse was missing. Installed a 20 amp fuse (suppose to be 5 amp) and the gage worked fine.
4) replaced skags

12 pack gone so we called it a night.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grease and Go

Members: Firther, Falcon, Big-D, Cadillac, Vinnie-O, P-Dawg

Fitherr's 580... completed reinstall of seat, also installed new battery with custom wooded block...

Falcon... skags and sliders OK on Ski Doo, Polaris wasn't looked at... i think the rear shocks are bad

Big D... greased, sliders OK, Sages, low, big d to purchase new set... FYI new battery fixed the electrical issues

Cadillac... greased the green onion and sliders, skags all good... Ryan's sled... greased sliders OK, skags OK

Vinnie O... installed new windshield that was damaged when he over ran the end of the trolley bed on way back from tap room...greased, a couple of boogies need to be replaced... chewed up by the studs....

P-Dawg... freed frozen brake on ZL-500, greased too...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Night Ride

Members: Big D, P-Dawg, Firtherr, Falcon, Saylor & G-Man

Launched Cary Lake, Took C4 up to Williamson, groomer just came thru as they were grooming for the Webster Picnic. Crossed 104 and Scottie got hung up on the tracks and bent his skag. We had to break off the first few inches and all was well. Rode the bumps to Rascals in Williamson. Had burgers and beers, watched the Eagles game.

2 Cats didn't want to start after Rascals... Doo brothers got them going...

Left Rascals and the plan was to head north east and loop back towards the lake... Unfortunately we didn't find the trail and went back the same way we came. There was some talk of hitting the tap room, but we thought it would be close so we headed back to Cary Lake to listen to the band and gawk at the bartender...

50 some miles.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Red Haze is repaired, well almost!

(background reading, see 2009, Jan Day 4 "-Slow ride on the way home, Rich kisses G-Man, breaks light and cowl... damage report to follow...")

4:30 ish - Picked up the HMWHSMC propane heater from brother Falcon
6:15 - Fired up the heater
6:20 - Began work, started drilling out the old bolts
6:39 - First bolt successfully removed, threads in frame still in tact
7:10 - Second bolt successfully removed, this one was a little bit tougher to get out but I got it and again the threads in the frame were in tact.
7:11 - Had to turn the heater off it was too hot!
7:15 - Trying to put the cowl back on my hand started to cramp up something fierce! ( Man I need that operation!)
7:20 - Cowl back on
7:21 - Started the Yammy but thought something was wrong way too much smoke, realized the problem was me. I forgot to turn the choke off.
7:22 - Had to open the garage doors, too much smoke!
7:23 - Yammy back to running smoothly
7:24 - Realized I still had a problem, my speedometer is working intermittently. Must have a loose connection some place. CRAP!
7:25 - Had to halt repairs because of other things I needed to do.

Hopefully I can get it figured out maybe tonight! Anyone with electrical knowledge that wants to stop over tonight after 7:15, I will be looking at it.

That's it for now! Happy riding and remember a bad day of snowmobiling is better than a good day of work!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

That puffy lake snow is deceiving (Brother Nappi)

Unloaded the Scout to run the kids around, found it running on 1 cylinder, again! New coil didn’t last! Had to pull out Phoenix. Buzzed around, tore up grass, driveway, etc. When it melts, I’m in trouble.

This led me to thinking….

Scout has run its course. What to do? I can’t sell it as it was a HMWHSC gift. Options?

1. Anyone interested in taking it?

2. Sell it on EBay – drink the proceeds. (Registered owner is an issue)

3. Drop it off at salvage on way up and use proceeds for drinks.


BTW – Divot, no Divot, Tommy, no Tommy. 10 riders? 2 groups? 1 group? Members returning… I gotta say, this year’s president deserves a round on us for all of the difficult decisions. I didn’t have any of these issues! Hat’s off to you!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Webster Ride

Date: 1/2/2010
Members: Falcon & P-dog (with wifes)
Mileage: 29

Lauched at Carey Lake on 441 (new trail spur)

Repair log: during unload... the ZL 500 was frozen to to the trailer... so we pulled it off... Further investigation revealed the emergency brake was on... and broke so we had to pry it back... after several attempts to get it going and suggestions from our better halves, we left the sled... the caliper is frozen to the disc... dragging the sled back on the trailer was a chore...

-pam and pat dismouted on the way to bill grays
-dave found some water on 441
-kathys eyes caught fire
-bands at at carey lake every friday and saturday night
-all and all it the day exceeded expectations

Another diddy for you...

pam and pat were riding two
kath on the polaris and me on the doo...
the snow was thin, the trails were fair
we wanted to ride, we didnt care...
so we were off, to bill grays we drove
thru the fields, and across roads...
the walworth loop was our trail back
at carey lake a band, a beer and a snack...