Tuesday, November 29, 2011

HMWHSC Press Release : Grease and Go 12/3

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The annual HMWHSC Grease and Go will be held this weekend at 4 Kaitlin Drive, Saturday 12/3/11 at 10am until ???

On behalf of the club, FIRT has (:-)) purchased a sled dolly.  This will save our backs (as well the driveway and garage).  Please refrain from driving sleds on driveway, garage, lawn, etc or we will lose landowner permission to use the property…  Park your truck / trailer in the street and use the new dolly from there...

What will be supplied..
-sled dolly
-internet access
-grease (and some go)
-brake fluid
-water (for battery)
-personalized maintenance work order checklist per sled
-belly laughs

What should I bring?
-anything else that may be an issue, see the following document   http://www.hmwhsc.com/docs/gandglogs.pdf
-garage and tool fees… - $15 / $20 if you have 2 sleds 

Need volunteers to bring…
-crank case oil
-charged cordless drill
-flexible exhaust tube 


Brother Falcon
Director of Maintenance