Monday, February 21, 2011

Repair Log


Members: Falcon and Firth

580 - Issue: bogs down at 28mph, 6000 rpm's
-removed belt to check if clutch or belt causing issue, same problem
-disabled kill switch, same problem
Next Steps: taking sled to Shawn

-Installed Parking Brake
-Issue: Track darts side to side
*Increased tension on limiter strap by one notch
*Increased tension on front springs by 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch

Thursday, February 17, 2011

HMWHSC Couples Trip 2-11 to 2-13-11

-Firtherr & Sharon
-Saylor & Mary Fran
-P-Dag & Pam
-Falcon & Kathy

-Rocky Point Building C, Unit 28

-Falcon and Kathy arrive aprox 6:00pm unload & run to Clarks to pick up 580... Run to North Woods Inn for a drink, gas at Big Moose Yamaha and back to Rocky Point.  580 wont go over 28 mph.... Broken
-Pink hats give to girls were a big hit... (laid out on beds)
-Scottie and Mary Fran 2nd to arrive, followed by Rectors and Firths

Friday Night
-Organize at house, have a few drinks, attempts to fix 580 fail, Firths 2-up
-Ride to Daikers, 7 degrees out... have a few drinks then off to the Tap Room
-Pam is frosty, shield not working
-Scott finds $43 (and trys to give it to Kurt), Franny loses $43, net zero
-Kurt, when asked if he likes UC or Old Mill  "UC tastes like piss thru a dirty sock"
-Sharon pulls a J-Mo, puts helmet on backwards
-Gator Incident when leaving Tap Room.... Scott accuses Pat of stealing his gator, several times mind you, so he pays a gator forward & leaves.... Kathy comes out of the bathroom and cant find her gator... Scott comes back in, found gator in jacket and gives Kathy back her Gator...
-Firths barrel roll leaving tap room
-Scott gets confuzzled on 4th lake, goes right and cant find Rocky Point
-Back to condo... still cold inside, cant start fire... use heat gun to keep warm
-Crash at 3:30

-Breakfast at condo awesome, Sharon makes awesome egg casserole.
-Franny has big hair
-Round of Bloody Marys
-Rectors buy out Big Moose Yamaha (helmet and jacket for Pam)
-Grab trail passes in Inlet, snowing like crazy... Some guy is making a snow sculpture at the town hall... Parquette house is empty...
-Down 4th lake and its a white out, get off lake at Daikers, take 5-9-29-2 to Wayback... bumpy, so bumpy we're thinking... why do we pay for a pass... snowed the entire way
-SU loses to Louisville
-Have beers and snacks at Wayback
-Leaving Wayback, snow stops down 10 (awesome, see video) to 5, jump on lake at Daikers.
-Down Lake to Elger Park... Help George (Kelly ex-husband) out of snow drift (see video) and have a pink pussy shot...
-Up road to Red Dog
-Firtherr and Falcon scout our FX Matts.... Trails were awesome
-Discuss ethanol with Red Dog owner... she does not remember J-Mo trying to buy English flag
-Red Dog to Old Barn (did not go in Old Barn) via FX Matts, trails awesome
-Mary Fran gets relief in the parking lot at Old Barn
-Pam J-Mo's a tree on the way, minimal damage
-Confuzzeled at Old Barn... Falcones and Rectors got for gas at Citgo... Franny follows Falcon's red jacket, not Scotts red jacket
-Everyone meets up at Woods Inn... drinks and jello shots (tasted like rubber)
-Pam pulls 2nd J-Mo of the day, trys to put helmet on backwards... this thing is catchy, be careful
-Down Lakes to Daikers for dinner
-Back to the condo for a dip in the hot tub... then Partied at the condo the rest of the evening

-Rectors and Sailors split after coffee and social hour.
-Falcones and Firths (2-up) go out for a ride...
-Tap Room for Lunch (4th, Uncas, Trolly Bed).. some good, some great, some bumps...
-Tap Room opens at 12, so quick ride on Lake
-New barender at Tap Room (Aris).  Dave and John burgers, the girls have grilled cheese (forget what kind of cheese) and crab meat...
-Kathy dumps cold slaw on table gawking at a hotties ring...
-On the suggestion of the Hottie from PA, we take the Tolly Bed to 8th (bumpy on the connection trail) to 7th over to the Inet Trails... Lakes were great, no slush.  Inlet trails were awesome.. as we were chasing the groomer.  Cop checks registration and trail pass outside of Inet.
-Back to Rocky Point, pack up and leave at 2:38pm
-Falcones stop at Hudons for Polaris parts (parking brake)

Awesome trip, can't wait for next year...... thanks all

What did I miss... Please post a comment...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fairport to Sodus (and back)

Members: Falcon, Firtherr, Scottie, Big-D & J-Mo (probationary member)

J-Mo rides the Love Seat (Scotties Pantera 550... this sled has seen more ass than a toilet seat this season... its been ridden by Boz, Danno, Franny and now J-Mo)

-Left Kaitlin Drive at 1730
-Tracks east, turn left off tracks at powerlines, east of Wayneport Rd
-Cut thru to Quaker Rd.
-Quaker Rd west to Wilcox Rd, Right on 31F past Alpco
-North at Hance Rd then east across field, cross Canadaigua Rd at Barn
-North to Eddy / Gananda Parkway to Mobile for gas
-11 miles from Fairport to Mobile
-Jumped on trail system to C4W, crossed 104
-Took C4 into Sodus Point... trail was recently groomed for a long section and very nice. got a little bumpy (aka pot holes according to J-Mo) as we got closer to the Point
-Took Left to Steger Haus, but should have kept on C4 (staight)
-Took trail into town and stopped at Citgo, Pantera 550 was running low on oil, picked a quart of 2 stoke marine oil at the station.
-Headed down the street to Captain Jacks (arrived 19:40) for food, sprits and the 'Cuse game
-SU beat UConn (in UConn), snaps a 4 game losing streak
-Food was pretty good, wings average, burgers and fries great
-J-Mo loses on Quickdraw, claims on taxes
-Return trip same trails
-Took break on C4W at 104
-Home at midnight... saw less than 10 sleds all night

96 Miles