Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Destination Old Forge

Trail Report...

Ride Date: 12/30/09
Members: Firtherr & Falcon
Mileage: 111

On the road 0715... purchased trail pass and in the snow at 1118.
-took 1-3-9-5 to Daikers (closed until 4pm weekdays)
-all trails smooth including 5
-hit speeds of 80+
-went to Tavern for a drink and to warm up, met a couple from Williamson (optical engineers)

Headed up Uncas Rd... very flat... including the trolly bed... had a little laugh in my helmet about the Uncas Rd pile up last year and Vinnie missing the end of the trolley bed trail.
-Burgers at the Tap Room, Firtherr gets dbl cheeseburger
-Rooms available
-No Smoking in Tap Room, they were busted in June

Back down Uncas to Inlet, then Old Barn
-Irish Coffee with Bush Hill Whiskey was OK
-No Bird Seed yet...

Leaving the Old Barn we headed to the Big T with a stop at Sharon's Dare Devil Pit. Trail was bumpy... go figure

On the way back jumped on FX Matts (stopped at the Big-D in the Ditch site), headed over to South Shore Rd and the Saylor Camp. All is well down by Gull Rock.

Riding South Shore to Inlet, spotted some deer crossing the road. Stopped at Woods Inn.
-No Tracks jumping on lake
-Does Kelly have new big ideas?
-Had to leave quickly do to a plumbing issue

Left Woods Inn and headed to Glenmore via 5-9-2 then down Big Moose Rd. Yes you guessed it.... another Irish Coffee. College Bartenders were in :-) On the way... I was thinking about what Kelly said.....
-"Your body has to get use to the cold" hmmmm is this true... Of Course it is because A) I was feeling much warmer B) Kelly is smart and C) She is a bartender for Christ sakes

Took Big Moose Rd to 5 then stopped at North Woods Inn... Bartender is a 'Cuse fan. Learned about the Adirondack Ice Bowl & studied the map.

Took 5 all the way into Old Forge... very smooth and fast...

Loaded up and hit the road... Last 3 stops, Byrne Dairy (coffee), Hieds (dogs) Mulconrys (scotch)

Weird stuff
-dumb - guy driving a power wheel chair thru the snow on rt 365
-dumber - cross country skier on trail 9

.....A Little Didy.....

Traveling up we drove big blue

Fired up our mighty ski-doo

What trail to ride 3, 5 or 2?

Destination… who the fuck knew…

Friday, December 4, 2009

Repair Log: Springs and Wings

Members: Firtherr / Falcon
Date: 12/4/09
Sled: 2003 Ski Doo Grand Touring Sport
Issue: Spring Replacement

prior to reading this... see previous entry... Thursday, January 29, 2009 Day 2 "Firtherr breaks sping"

A little more background... after a detail review of Marks work, the replacement spring was clearly not Ski Doo BRP OEM.... Big John would have none of this and declared this spring must be replace prior to leaving Old Forge.

The job began by hoisting the sled approx 1-2 inches off the ground. A 10mm allen wrench was used to remove the upper suspension bolts. Both sides must be freed up before the bolts can be removed. If one bolt is froze, you wont be able to remove the second as they thread into the axle. At one point we held the axle with pliers to free up a bolt.

Working on one side of the axle at a time we removed a bushing, spring and boogie. Carefully we removed the spring clamp on the lower rail as there could be tension on the springs. The spring then came off. I would also suggest setting the spring tension to lowest setting before starting. Sounds like a no brainer, but we didn't. This is about the time Johnny got us a couple beers.

Installation was basically the reverse, install spring (make sure it is on correctly cuz I put the second one on upside down), clip, boogie, spring and bushing.

After both sides are complete the suspension bolts need to be installed. This is typically the tricky part. Using the hoist we made quick work of it.

While we were at it we greased the suspension... and don't forget the speedometer...

Lastly we tested the suspension and had a few more beers.

PS... we never did order the wings though...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

** Press Release **

April 29, 2009 Fairport, NY

HMWHSC President Merrick announces:

2010 Annual Trip
Dates: Jan. 27 - 31, 2010
Location: Park House (Blackberry Properties Inlet Resort) Inlet, NY
Attendees: scotty, danno, g-man, nappi, big-d, cadillac, vinnieOhhh, falcon, firtherr, Boz?, p-dog?
Past Pleebs: davitt, laxman, dumb, dumber

Monday, April 20, 2009

Repairs (Yammy, Sabre, Pantera)


Big D and I arrived at Valley at the scheduled 1 pm on Sunday. Removed Sabrecat cowl and brought Yammy cowl into shop. Upon review it was discovered that Cat had more extensive damage than previously surveyed. Crack was over 10 inches long and extended up under windshield. Additionally headlight assembly attachment was cracked and structurally compromised. Removed broken windshield, interior insulation, and headlight assembly. Adjustment screw bent and un repairable, numerous windshield attachment hardware damaged and need to be replaced. Yammy had stress fracture, broken vent attachment, 1 inch crack/hole in dash and deformed lower edge of cowl. Big D proceeded to heat Yammy cowl and shape lower edge into original form with special wood tool. Cadillac taped outside of crack to prevent shifting during repair then began sanding inside area of crack on Cat with 80 grit paper. Cleaned area with paint thinner and allowed to dry. Three pieces of fiberglass mesh were cut and custom fitted to inside of Cat cowl. Big D states that "the mesh looks like concrete rebar, I bet Brother Saylor wishes he were here." The decision to use the 3 M Auto mix 5887 plastic repair instead of the 3 M Auto mix 8115 adhesive due to difference in cure time was made by Big D and Cadillac. The small difference in strength was not worth the 1 hour plus cure time since we had to hold the Cat cowl in place during curing. The 5887 compound was applied to the Cat first due to the large amount that was needed and the Yammy second. The compound was spread by latex glove covered fingers due to the fact that the area was enclosed and specialty tools were ineffective. We were unable to repair Yammy screen attachment area and dash needed two applications of compound, but the Cat's cowl crack and headlight attachment were repair to similar to new condition. At this point 2:19 pm brother Warner pulls in and we remove tail light assembly and pine needle infested rear passenger seat. Cadillac says "look Jerry you have a built in air freshener, may be a fire hazard but what the hell". Numerous cans were removed from trunk compartment and Brother Warner is looking forward to the return fees. We trace wires to harness under the seat and discover that we have the wrong assembly due to the fact that Brother Warner has heated rear grips. Sled was reassembled and batteries were disconnected on Brother Saylor's and Warner's sleds. Repairs will be scheduled when parts are obtained. Reattached Cat cowl washed up. Left Valley at 3:05 pm


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 4

-Conditions: cold, flurries
-Leave house, gas at clarks, cross lake and jump on FX Matts at Red Dog
-Big D slips off trail, see videos below for the Big Dig out.. a wiseman once said "you gotta take it out the way it went in"
-Moose River Plains to Indian lake with a stop at the Big T... Trails were very good at points excellent... The road at the end was a downer
-Lunch at Indian Lake Restaurant, Tavern & Liquor Store
-Ride back to house see flyby video below... stop at the big t
-Nappi Leaves :-(
-Change Scotts scag at house
-Now it getting really cold, gas at Big Moose Yammy, stop at Tavern
-G-Man forgets to put on his gas cap, finds it on the floor board
-To Slickers most take lakes, G-Man hist rock, Splinter (Falcon, Caddy & Danno) take trails 5-9-3-1, 5 sucked, the rest were awesome.
-Scotty passes ice chunk from track
-Slickers to Glenmore 1-3-2, awesome, flat as a pancake, if you didnt like that ride, you dont like snowmobiling
-Danno says to G-Man, "That thing probably handles like a flying sofa"
-G-man suggests
-Scott and Rich take a cat nap in front of the fire
-The rest of us drink and watch Monster Truck Races.
-Good Tunes at the Glenmore XM Channel 49
-Big Moose Rd to Dakers
-The Bees return the hat
-Saw Brent, his bro and Dad
-Lake to Uncas to Tap Room
-Met Sully, big guy
-Won the Cheer off... We got spirit...
-Retard buys a round
-G-Man trades his hat he lost a day or 2 earlier for his black berry... nice trade, cleaning guys find it and will mail to him soon... good luck
-Slow ride on the way home, Rich kisses G-Man, breaks light and cowl... damage report to follow...

Big D In the Ditch part 1

Big D In the Ditch part 2

Big D In the Ditch part 3

Big D In the Ditch part 4

Fly By in MRP - Order: Nappi, Caddy, Scott, Vinnie, G-man, Danno, Big-D, Firtherr, Rector

sleeping part 2 - fitherr

tap room part 2

Day 3

Mileage 80 something... not quite sure

-Van Aukins, boonville plans scraped due to the bumps on the tracks
-Old Barn, run into the Bee's, danny duck tapes seat
-FX Matts to the Red Dog, the leader of the bees tells us how to change the belt on johnnys skidoo, ate wings and nachos
-Over to Saylors cabin, get on lake at beach, lots of slush.. headed toward channel, but then cut to left at the last minute... johnny lost on the lake... he lost us and went back to saylors... found him at clarks... johnyy gets free belt at clarks
-North Woods
-Woods Inn, ran into Brent, Rector arrives
-On way to Glenmore... Rector ZL sputtered, more food at glenmore...
-Drop Rectors ZL off and pick up 440, head to tap room, rector sets overload springs on 440, nappi stays home
-Dakers until 2 (falcon, saylor, danno, p-dawg & G-man) stung by the bees... g-man loses hkc hat...

trail 10

the house


deer at woods in

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 2

Conditions, temps in the 20's, overcast, a few snow fakes in the air

Scott tells slider story, lots of Mark bashing

Rode to Crogan & New

John gets into tiff with truck driver... Tourist...

-Big Moose Station

-The Pond Effecrts in New Brennan

-Sawmill for beers and gas

-Pine Tree for dinner


-Glenmore for Irish Coffee

-Tap Room, 9 dollar tab.. Jessy said "Its confusing being me"

Richards sees deer on the trail

John breaks springon beating... the snowmobile gods were pissed we bashed Mark

Oldest resident in Beaver River.. Pop Bullick

Tap Room relived.... Retard drunk and wants to fight....Kicks Nappi in the knee, trys to Donkey Punch Falcon, trys to start a fight with Scott, has a shot with G-Man & kept trying to flick his hat, calls Firtherr "tough guy" & trys to put his cig out in Johns drink, tripped over Danno and kidney punched him.

-dave matthews marathon @ tap room and a tad loud...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 1

20-30 degrees and snowing & blowing & freezing rain
Left Fairport 9:15am
Micky D's on Thruway
Stopped at Hudons for parts and oil
-Big Moose Station
-Tracks to Norwichwalk
-Tap Room
SU Loses to Providence
Merrick home early w/ sore throat
Lost on the lake, slush, - Ants marching - white out
84 miles
Garbage plates at home
Danny tells 440 Story

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grease and Go (or should i say Grease and No Go) - Part II...

FAIRPORT NY. Welcome to snowmobiling G-man... some times things don't go as planned...

In Attendance:

Sled Maintenace Log:

Falcon: Formula 700 - Dealer decal removed by Cadillac.
Big D: Yammy - New Jersey tags and other stickers removed. NY Plates installed.
P-Dawg: ZL-500 - Suspension bolt replaced. Left Spring is bent and hitting bolt. Reversed bolt to remove possibility of hitting. Left Spring has significantly less tention than right. Put left setting on 3 and right on 2. Replace spring holders and re-installed bogies.
G-Man: Pantera - Dicovered bogie axle is also warn. Root cause found by Firtherr, axle is bent. Team HMWHSC will procure today and install, stay tuned for Grease and Go/No Go part III. PS... Falcon and Sailor left G-man a little present to make him feel better...
Sailor: Pantera - Due to issues with other sleds an executive order was issued to look at the Pantera suspention. After melting the sled, all looked good. Removed several unidentified items from the truck... Cleaned Trunk. Reviewed engine and cleaned sled.
Toro Heater: Due to a very nasty smell, the Toro heater was taken out of service. Brothers Falcon and Sailor reviewed the inners. Mr. Sailor pointed to the fuel filter. It was removed, cleaned and reinstalled. Heater operated much better.

Stay Tuned for Grease and Go/No Go part III...
PS... wlecome home Danno

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Quite Done

A truly heroic effort by the boyz today. P-dogs wife makes a parts run! Email chain indentifies possible bogie suppliers. Cadillac makes the bogie run. The club is running like a lean mean machine! P-dogs sled is done!. Slight problem with mine, not only did we need new bogies, need a new axel for the bogies. Lesson learned here boys and girls, check everything!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grease and Go...

FAIRPORT NY. Well a quick grease and go turned out to be a little more than we thought... Good thing as found a few "issues".

In Attendance:

Sled Maintenace Log:

Falcon: Formula 700 - Grease, skag check, choke nut replaced.
Big D: Yammy - Skags swapped side to side. Grease.
P-Dawg: ZL-500 - Suspension Bolt broke... and stickin out 4 inches. Spring click worn. Parts will be purchased and replaced on 1/26.
G-Man: Pantera - replace skags with double runners. 2 boogies worn. Parts will be purchased and replaced on 1/26.

Stay Tuned for Grease and Go part II... hopin to take a peek at Sailors sled tomorrow...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bristol Ride 1-17-2009

Bristol Ride 1-17-2009

Members: Firtherr, Falcon & P-Dog (member status in question)
Non-Members: Sharon, Kathy & Pan

Miles: 42

Trails Road: Firth & Turf to Rod and Gun club, to Valley Grill, to Lock, Stock & Barrel, then home

Conditions: Good++

-Rectors flat tire on the ride down, $450 in repairs...
-Rectors truck slipped into the ditch on driveway, repairs unknown at this time.
-Firths stuck on driveway, left trailer at pond
-Falcones did not attempt driveway with trailer.
-Rectors rode double on the ZL550, Firtherr on the 580, Sharon on the Ski-Doo 600, Kathy on the Polaris, Falcon on Ski-Doo 700
-Kathy put Polaris in ditch less than 2 miles from the house.
-Kathy crashed Polaris into tree, hurts knee, bends trailing arm, crack cowl, etc. damages unknown at this time.
-Girl quit riding at lock stock and barrel. They hated the hill. dave, john and pat bring sleds home drive back in truck to get girls and remaining sleds.
-Cheap booze at Rod and Gun club $12.00 rounds of mixed drinks, good burgers
-580 stalled and wouldn't start, p-dog to the rescue with starter fluid
-Sharon lost her cord, but then found it...
-Pat meets new friend, Art, they exchanged numbers. Lives in Lima, Originally from Barker. Art rides alone.. but wants us to go to his house and ride with him...
-Sharon found virgin snow.... I cant remember what that meant...
-Kathy hit kill switch while driving... Firtherr passes rectors and hits kill switch..

All in all lots of fun, bruises, repairs and laughs... we wont forget this one for a while