Monday, January 28, 2008

Chautauqua Lake - Ride Log

Members: fitherr, scotty, p-dog, falcon

Non Members: Ted K., Zack, Vito, Trevor & Stefan

Trail System / Miles: Chautauqua Lake - 44 miles

Singificant Moments in HWMHSC: Pantera 440 continues to crash. No one hurt, except for their pride... Sled rolled over on 3rd turn, less than 1/2 mile from Sure Fine. Sled slid off trail 2nd time later in the morning. After lunch the 440 was found nestled between 2 trees. P-Dog attempts to drive the sled out in reverse while other HMWHSC members yell, "THE SKIES ARE STUCK". Stuck or not, P-Dog was going to get the sled out. He hammered it in reverse 2 or 3 more times. Finally, cooler heads prevailed, an 8" log was removed from the belly pan and the 440 was pulled out. All appears to be OK (minus the right mirror).

Notes: Left Fairport at 0755. Unloaded at Sure Fine. In snow around 1030. Rode to Tom's Tavern,Had lunch and returned. Trail Conditions started out good to excellent. Left earlier than expected as trail conditions deteriorated later in the afternoon as the temperature warmed up. Mileage was also on the low side due to inexperience of riders. Home at 1730.


  1. Nice Blog Brother Falcone!!!! Keep in mind if traveling south of Buffalo to fill up on Blue Juice prior to leaving... It is like gold in those parts...

  2. Falcon, nice Blog!
    I can't wait to read the blogs each day. I am surprised we have not seen one with all the people dropping out.

    P.S. the HMWHSC website needs some updating! not much to see on it, but thats just a plebes perspective.

  3. Well I'm waiting for the 1st day update what the FU@*