Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 1

4 of the 5 are true:

1) firtherrs trailer got stuck
2) road 102 miles
3) Scott sled took a drip in 1st lake
4) the house is awesome
5) the 440 crashed, good thing we have the 580


  1. I can't believe the Z-71 got stuck!!!

    Ride on Uncus Road looks awesome.

    Scott-no more skinny dipping in the lakes :-)

    Love the videos Dave. Keep them cumming!!

  2. Hey Guys - Looks like you guys are having a great sorry Danny couldn't join you this year. Have a Captain on me!

    Ride on Brothers!

  3. rockin video Falco!!! Let me see Rich on the Panther. Not NAKED!!! and NOT in a tree

  4. Danny wants to know if you have been to the Tea house yet? You guys drink tea on your trips? How gay!!!!