Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 3

-rained all day, watched 2 hrs of whacked out sports
-big moose yamaha does not take discover
-tap dancing your way down jackass alley
-dinner at house steaks were great brother scott
-voted on stickers (with the dog) and apparel (boz we need a t-shirt connection)...
-walked to woods inn and screaming eagle
-at 11:30 rode to n.woods inn, dakers and closed the tap room, home at 3, burgers then bed...
-FTI - fair 50%, good 50%, excellent 0% - lots of puddles, installed jet ski skags
-39 miles

oh yeah.... due to having to file non-profit status, we disbanded the HWHSC and re-instated with new by-laws as a Limited Liability Partnership. More details to follow...

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