Friday, December 31, 2010

Wester to Rascals for Wings and Laughs... 12-29-2010

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-Parked at Blue Heron.. New Trail Spur...
-Gassed up down road at Mobil
-Road out toward Williamson...
-Snow was thin but trails were surprisingly flat... rumor has it many farmers planted Soy Bean vs Corn which kept the trails flat.
-Had a beer on the trail at 104
-Headed over to Rascals... Trail from 104 to Rascals was also surprisingly good
-@Rascals... parking lot packed... there were more sleds at Rascals than Dakers.... chicken wings were awesome, also had chicken fingers... lost 18 bucks on quick draw... 23/ 44/ 52... huge fish in the fish tank...
-Rascals to Carey Lake with a break at 104
-Seems like Carey Lake is serving minors... or i'm getting old...also the boyz were smoking in the back :-(
-Carey Lake manager said they stole the pond hockey tournament from Fairport... hmmm.... time will tell...
-Carey Lake to BHH, loaded and home by 1230

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