Friday, February 4, 2011

Fairport to Sodus (and back)

Members: Falcon, Firtherr, Scottie, Big-D & J-Mo (probationary member)

J-Mo rides the Love Seat (Scotties Pantera 550... this sled has seen more ass than a toilet seat this season... its been ridden by Boz, Danno, Franny and now J-Mo)

-Left Kaitlin Drive at 1730
-Tracks east, turn left off tracks at powerlines, east of Wayneport Rd
-Cut thru to Quaker Rd.
-Quaker Rd west to Wilcox Rd, Right on 31F past Alpco
-North at Hance Rd then east across field, cross Canadaigua Rd at Barn
-North to Eddy / Gananda Parkway to Mobile for gas
-11 miles from Fairport to Mobile
-Jumped on trail system to C4W, crossed 104
-Took C4 into Sodus Point... trail was recently groomed for a long section and very nice. got a little bumpy (aka pot holes according to J-Mo) as we got closer to the Point
-Took Left to Steger Haus, but should have kept on C4 (staight)
-Took trail into town and stopped at Citgo, Pantera 550 was running low on oil, picked a quart of 2 stoke marine oil at the station.
-Headed down the street to Captain Jacks (arrived 19:40) for food, sprits and the 'Cuse game
-SU beat UConn (in UConn), snaps a 4 game losing streak
-Food was pretty good, wings average, burgers and fries great
-J-Mo loses on Quickdraw, claims on taxes
-Return trip same trails
-Took break on C4W at 104
-Home at midnight... saw less than 10 sleds all night

96 Miles

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