Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 2



the way home last night was... undescribable

-Racket Lake
-Long Lake
-Norwichwalk III

Rich checked the 440 skags on the way home... twice
Whats a mushroom stamp?
Do I have to bring my reading glass?
Where's my key?
Riding 4th lake was like the March of the Penguins...
I love that dog...


  1. Man I miss you guys.....

    Cool action clip. What skegs???

  2. I need name captions under each guy as they go whizzing by!!!

    Nice commercial Jerry :-)

  3. Need trail condition update for possible excursion to Old Forge for me tonight. Should I make the trek? I would be getting there around 5ish.

  4. Love the videos........looks like you are all having tons of fun....miss you ya!