Monday, April 20, 2009

Repairs (Yammy, Sabre, Pantera)


Big D and I arrived at Valley at the scheduled 1 pm on Sunday. Removed Sabrecat cowl and brought Yammy cowl into shop. Upon review it was discovered that Cat had more extensive damage than previously surveyed. Crack was over 10 inches long and extended up under windshield. Additionally headlight assembly attachment was cracked and structurally compromised. Removed broken windshield, interior insulation, and headlight assembly. Adjustment screw bent and un repairable, numerous windshield attachment hardware damaged and need to be replaced. Yammy had stress fracture, broken vent attachment, 1 inch crack/hole in dash and deformed lower edge of cowl. Big D proceeded to heat Yammy cowl and shape lower edge into original form with special wood tool. Cadillac taped outside of crack to prevent shifting during repair then began sanding inside area of crack on Cat with 80 grit paper. Cleaned area with paint thinner and allowed to dry. Three pieces of fiberglass mesh were cut and custom fitted to inside of Cat cowl. Big D states that "the mesh looks like concrete rebar, I bet Brother Saylor wishes he were here." The decision to use the 3 M Auto mix 5887 plastic repair instead of the 3 M Auto mix 8115 adhesive due to difference in cure time was made by Big D and Cadillac. The small difference in strength was not worth the 1 hour plus cure time since we had to hold the Cat cowl in place during curing. The 5887 compound was applied to the Cat first due to the large amount that was needed and the Yammy second. The compound was spread by latex glove covered fingers due to the fact that the area was enclosed and specialty tools were ineffective. We were unable to repair Yammy screen attachment area and dash needed two applications of compound, but the Cat's cowl crack and headlight attachment were repair to similar to new condition. At this point 2:19 pm brother Warner pulls in and we remove tail light assembly and pine needle infested rear passenger seat. Cadillac says "look Jerry you have a built in air freshener, may be a fire hazard but what the hell". Numerous cans were removed from trunk compartment and Brother Warner is looking forward to the return fees. We trace wires to harness under the seat and discover that we have the wrong assembly due to the fact that Brother Warner has heated rear grips. Sled was reassembled and batteries were disconnected on Brother Saylor's and Warner's sleds. Repairs will be scheduled when parts are obtained. Reattached Cat cowl washed up. Left Valley at 3:05 pm


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