Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 4

-Conditions: cold, flurries
-Leave house, gas at clarks, cross lake and jump on FX Matts at Red Dog
-Big D slips off trail, see videos below for the Big Dig out.. a wiseman once said "you gotta take it out the way it went in"
-Moose River Plains to Indian lake with a stop at the Big T... Trails were very good at points excellent... The road at the end was a downer
-Lunch at Indian Lake Restaurant, Tavern & Liquor Store
-Ride back to house see flyby video below... stop at the big t
-Nappi Leaves :-(
-Change Scotts scag at house
-Now it getting really cold, gas at Big Moose Yammy, stop at Tavern
-G-Man forgets to put on his gas cap, finds it on the floor board
-To Slickers most take lakes, G-Man hist rock, Splinter (Falcon, Caddy & Danno) take trails 5-9-3-1, 5 sucked, the rest were awesome.
-Scotty passes ice chunk from track
-Slickers to Glenmore 1-3-2, awesome, flat as a pancake, if you didnt like that ride, you dont like snowmobiling
-Danno says to G-Man, "That thing probably handles like a flying sofa"
-G-man suggests
-Scott and Rich take a cat nap in front of the fire
-The rest of us drink and watch Monster Truck Races.
-Good Tunes at the Glenmore XM Channel 49
-Big Moose Rd to Dakers
-The Bees return the hat
-Saw Brent, his bro and Dad
-Lake to Uncas to Tap Room
-Met Sully, big guy
-Won the Cheer off... We got spirit...
-Retard buys a round
-G-Man trades his hat he lost a day or 2 earlier for his black berry... nice trade, cleaning guys find it and will mail to him soon... good luck
-Slow ride on the way home, Rich kisses G-Man, breaks light and cowl... damage report to follow...

Big D In the Ditch part 1

Big D In the Ditch part 2

Big D In the Ditch part 3

Big D In the Ditch part 4

Fly By in MRP - Order: Nappi, Caddy, Scott, Vinnie, G-man, Danno, Big-D, Firtherr, Rector

sleeping part 2 - fitherr

tap room part 2

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