Monday, December 5, 2011

HMWHSC Press Release : Grease and Go 12/3 Results

2011 Pre-Season Grease and Go 1000-1600

Attendees (number of sleds)

  • Falcon (2)
  • Big John (3)
  • Big D (1)
  • P-Dawg (2)
  • G-Man (1)
  • Saylor (0)
Please see link below for details on each sled.... work orders

Following items added to the work order:
-Phone numbers: Al's, Filers & Erie Power

Issues Found by Member by Sled

Falcon - Ski Doo Formula 700
  • Crank Case Oil Dry.  Bad Seal?
  • Missing Battery
  • Need Spare Skags
  • Check Sliders Mid Season
  • Some holes in track missing studs
  • Clicking Noise near socket when spinning track in reverse.  Found and removed loose stud???
Falcon - Polaris
  • Replace grease fitting on right ski
  • Check Sliders Mid Season
  • Weld Ski
Big John - 600 Grand Touring - No Issues Noted

Big John - 600 GSX HO SDI
  • Spare Belt
  • Spare Skags
Big John - 580
  • Still unable to start.  Removed recoil to the flywheel, need puller for further diagnositcs
Big D
  • Need Battery
  • Note: skags and grease were not checked off on work order???  Assuming good
P-Dawg  ZL 500 Milage 2370???
  • Spark plug wire broke on cylinder 1.  Keep eye on this.
  • Engine froze, unable to pull start, freed by spinning clutch
  • Brake froze, removed caliper to free
  • head gasket leaking on left cylinder (when sitting on sled).  Replace.
P-Dawg  Pantara 440 Fan Milage 2370???
  • Track chewed up on inner drive knobs where the drive gear engages.  Could not find source of issue.  Not sure if something got in the track to cause problem.  Keep eye on this.
  • Needs Battery
  • Torn seat, wet ass = no fun, call Jim White 943-4638
G-Man Pantera 600
  • Needs Battery
  • Needs Sliders now

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