Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 3

Mileage 80 something... not quite sure

-Van Aukins, boonville plans scraped due to the bumps on the tracks
-Old Barn, run into the Bee's, danny duck tapes seat
-FX Matts to the Red Dog, the leader of the bees tells us how to change the belt on johnnys skidoo, ate wings and nachos
-Over to Saylors cabin, get on lake at beach, lots of slush.. headed toward channel, but then cut to left at the last minute... johnny lost on the lake... he lost us and went back to saylors... found him at clarks... johnyy gets free belt at clarks
-North Woods
-Woods Inn, ran into Brent, Rector arrives
-On way to Glenmore... Rector ZL sputtered, more food at glenmore...
-Drop Rectors ZL off and pick up 440, head to tap room, rector sets overload springs on 440, nappi stays home
-Dakers until 2 (falcon, saylor, danno, p-dawg & G-man) stung by the bees... g-man loses hkc hat...

trail 10

the house


deer at woods in

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