Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grease and Go (or should i say Grease and No Go) - Part II...

FAIRPORT NY. Welcome to snowmobiling G-man... some times things don't go as planned...

In Attendance:

Sled Maintenace Log:

Falcon: Formula 700 - Dealer decal removed by Cadillac.
Big D: Yammy - New Jersey tags and other stickers removed. NY Plates installed.
P-Dawg: ZL-500 - Suspension bolt replaced. Left Spring is bent and hitting bolt. Reversed bolt to remove possibility of hitting. Left Spring has significantly less tention than right. Put left setting on 3 and right on 2. Replace spring holders and re-installed bogies.
G-Man: Pantera - Dicovered bogie axle is also warn. Root cause found by Firtherr, axle is bent. Team HMWHSC will procure today and install, stay tuned for Grease and Go/No Go part III. PS... Falcon and Sailor left G-man a little present to make him feel better...
Sailor: Pantera - Due to issues with other sleds an executive order was issued to look at the Pantera suspention. After melting the sled, all looked good. Removed several unidentified items from the truck... Cleaned Trunk. Reviewed engine and cleaned sled.
Toro Heater: Due to a very nasty smell, the Toro heater was taken out of service. Brothers Falcon and Sailor reviewed the inners. Mr. Sailor pointed to the fuel filter. It was removed, cleaned and reinstalled. Heater operated much better.

Stay Tuned for Grease and Go/No Go part III...
PS... wlecome home Danno

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