Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bristol Ride 1-17-2009

Bristol Ride 1-17-2009

Members: Firtherr, Falcon & P-Dog (member status in question)
Non-Members: Sharon, Kathy & Pan

Miles: 42

Trails Road: Firth & Turf to Rod and Gun club, to Valley Grill, to Lock, Stock & Barrel, then home

Conditions: Good++

-Rectors flat tire on the ride down, $450 in repairs...
-Rectors truck slipped into the ditch on driveway, repairs unknown at this time.
-Firths stuck on driveway, left trailer at pond
-Falcones did not attempt driveway with trailer.
-Rectors rode double on the ZL550, Firtherr on the 580, Sharon on the Ski-Doo 600, Kathy on the Polaris, Falcon on Ski-Doo 700
-Kathy put Polaris in ditch less than 2 miles from the house.
-Kathy crashed Polaris into tree, hurts knee, bends trailing arm, crack cowl, etc. damages unknown at this time.
-Girl quit riding at lock stock and barrel. They hated the hill. dave, john and pat bring sleds home drive back in truck to get girls and remaining sleds.
-Cheap booze at Rod and Gun club $12.00 rounds of mixed drinks, good burgers
-580 stalled and wouldn't start, p-dog to the rescue with starter fluid
-Sharon lost her cord, but then found it...
-Pat meets new friend, Art, they exchanged numbers. Lives in Lima, Originally from Barker. Art rides alone.. but wants us to go to his house and ride with him...
-Sharon found virgin snow.... I cant remember what that meant...
-Kathy hit kill switch while driving... Firtherr passes rectors and hits kill switch..

All in all lots of fun, bruises, repairs and laughs... we wont forget this one for a while


  1. Great job Davie!!! a few comments --

    - Rectors have a perma-groomer behind them as they ride double (snow flap)

    - 3/4 lb burgers at the rod and gun club are A W E S O M E, AWESOME, AWESOME... TOTALLY...

    - Good wings at locks

    - Saw lots of people riding alone... what is up with that???