Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 2

Conditions, temps in the 20's, overcast, a few snow fakes in the air

Scott tells slider story, lots of Mark bashing

Rode to Crogan & New

John gets into tiff with truck driver... Tourist...

-Big Moose Station

-The Pond Effecrts in New Brennan

-Sawmill for beers and gas

-Pine Tree for dinner


-Glenmore for Irish Coffee

-Tap Room, 9 dollar tab.. Jessy said "Its confusing being me"

Richards sees deer on the trail

John breaks springon beating... the snowmobile gods were pissed we bashed Mark

Oldest resident in Beaver River.. Pop Bullick

Tap Room relived.... Retard drunk and wants to fight....Kicks Nappi in the knee, trys to Donkey Punch Falcon, trys to start a fight with Scott, has a shot with G-Man & kept trying to flick his hat, calls Firtherr "tough guy" & trys to put his cig out in Johns drink, tripped over Danno and kidney punched him.

-dave matthews marathon @ tap room and a tad loud...

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