Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Trip Day 1

1-18-12 - A slow start....
-Arrive around 1pm and start head off to Clarks to pick up J-Mo's rental
-Jerry 2-ups with J-Mo and they break a spring 1/2 mile from the house... overloads not on :-(
-Jerry drops sled at Clarks, jumps on ZL 500 and we all make it to Daikers
-Danno's rental stalls at Daikers and RT28...yikes
-Scott and Boz stop at Hudons for parts for the couch
-Daikers to Wayback.... Lose power for 52 minutes, beer free, Caddy plays cards with lighted glasses, the President trys to fix the power
-Stop on the trail and Nappi loses helmet 40' down the hill ping ponging off trees
-Wayback to house to pick up and eat stew.
-Back to Daikers then the Tap Room.
-70 miles

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