Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Trip Day 3

-Trying to get to the Hill...
-Breakfast at Hard Times Cafes.... slooooowwww
-Splinter groups to Stillwater.... group 1 takes trail 1 to cut over to beating.  group 2 returns to the house, swings by Loseys, then up to Stillwater.  Trail report of the hill is poor.  Decide to switch directions.  Wendy is the bartender and charges up 18% for our bar bill since we were a party of more than 6... then asks for a larger tip.  Many HMWH'ers swear off Stillwater Inn.
-Stillwater to Beaver Lodge, first beer free, Bartender Barry, Jenny is cute... but the bar is cold.
-Falcon and Caddy decide to bring it to 90, then some on the reservoir.  Beginning of the end of Falcons track
-Then to Glenmore for Dinner
-to Daikers? meet our friends?
-to Boat on Raquette
-to tap room
then home....
100 miles

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