Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Trip Day 4

-P-Dawg, Boz and Nappi leave in the AM
-French Toast, no surup....
-Ride to Clarks for gas, Falcons track is toast, jumps on 440, Danno on love seat, G-Man on ZL
-Stopped at Couples Weekend house... Nice..
-Mileage on the Lake
>Clarks to North Woods 2.3
>Clarks to Daikers 3.6
>Calrks to Alger 4.9
-To the old barn for lunch via FX Matts, guy gets off his sled with a wheelchair bungied tot he back, daughter helps.
-Falcon elected 2013 President, past Presidents
-2012 Danno
-2011 G-Man
-2010 Caddy
-2009 Scottie
-2008 Nappi
-2007 Firth
-2006 Boz
-2005 (no president but Boz got the house)
-Over to 7th lake saw them loading a guy into the ambulance. He hit a stress crack on 7th and flipped his sled.  Big John yelled at for gawking to 8th, sat by the tap room.  Bar Crowed didn't go in.
-Decided to run raquet lake going to the right got off (at Burke's Marina) went down some road and had a beer. -Then to Woods Inn, happy hour everyday 4-6, Kelly tending bar
-Stopped at the house so Jerry could leave with J-mo, Falcon jumps on J-Mo's rental.
-To Daikers to watch Cuse lose 1st game to ND. 
-Red dog for dinner, waitress remembers us. 
-Firt, Caddy and I retired to the house after dinner
-Scottie, Falcon and Danno continued the adventure. Get on the lake at Scotties place to North Woods.  Its crowded so off to Mountain View, new bar.  Meet Daikers girls.  At this time it is getting cold out.
-Danno runs out of money after searching 5 baggies
-Scottie calls the ball... Big Moose Station 5-9-29-2.
-1 and done at Bid Moose then back down Big Moose Rd to the Tavern
-Just as we were about to leave, in comes the shit show.  Settled in for 3-4 more to watch the instant classic.. not dubbed the tangerine insident.
-Back to the house...
Mileage:  Unknown

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