Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Trip Day 2

-Breakfast at the Tamarack
-Jerrys sled ratting fixed at Clarks... $98... springs still bad, G-Man on the Polaris
-Danno's rental wont start... brought to Clarks, cylinder blown.  Further analysis by the HMWHSC unoffical mechanic (Shawn) reported the issue was not due to the current rider.  Danno jumps on Polaris.
-Run out to the Big T, then back to the Tavern.
-P-Dawg after talking to a stanger... "Everytime I talk to someone its weird... shut the fuck up"
-2-uping on the Polaris is sticky prohibited... as G-Man and Danno arrive on the Polaris
-A dude with a snorkel and open face helmet leave the Tavern on a g-man clone sled....
-Learned about Snow Snakes at Tavern... you can rake them up behind your sled... further investigation finds snow snaking an old Indian game.
-Bartender at Tavern needs a good dental hygienist
-Dinner at Big Moose Inn
-Snowing on the way to the Bowling Ally, free cheese balls, Gina is the Bar Tender... she is BFF's with Chrystal at Daikers
-VanAukens, Billy is the bartender.... Danno out of Money, and no girls tonight at the Tea House.
-VA to Daikers via South Shore Rd, Red Dog closed. Circles on the lake to Daikers.
-Meet another dog in the bar at Daiker, this boy was big, solid and liked to put his paws on the bar... the dog owner wanted to fight..
-Nappi to Boz, Zip it.
-Inspected sliders and track on Polaris when leaving
-100 miles

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