Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011 Trip - Day 3 - Herding Cats....

-Down lakes on at Hollywood Hills
-Up Trail 1 to Stillwater Road to Still Water Inn
-Trail 1 was horrible, Big John forgets to bungie cord the cooler down, we lose the cooler and 11 koozies
-Across the lake to Beaver River / Norwichwalk stopped for lunch
-Down tracks to Big Moose... John drives 20 miles an hour on tracks... if that..
-Rector freezing up, stops at Big Moose Station and loses a glove... thank god we found it
-Wayback in.... Bartender is Debbie Who... gives Falcon a hard time about SU sweatshirt... she thought it was missing the "U" in the logo.... There was also a potential Richard Hyfax sighting at the wayback...
-Trail 2 down into Old Forge... groomers were out, trails beautiful.. split into 2 groups.. up lakes to Daikers
-Down lake and up south shore road to Red Dog for wings.... J-Mo trys to buy the English flag for $450... he wants to burn it.
-Lady walks out of kitchen on knees impersonating a midget... Danno "what do we do now?"
-J-Mo is watching roller derby from 1970's as I write this...
-North on South shore rd to Woods Inn... side hello to Kelly
-Herding cats on the lake over to North Woods Inn... big d takes lead, J-mo follows... the rest scatter
-North woods to house... Danno cooks hockey pucks.... grill malfunction - flame ups... it has been suggested to bring a fire extinguisher

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