Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rascals with the Chicks.... (with a splinter to the Clubhouse...)

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-John, Sharon, Pam, Pat, Kathy and Dave
-Replacing P-Dawg's sliders, headed to Blue Heron Hills
-BHH to Rascals with stop at 104 for a beer
-Rectors sled is leaking gas at the cap... gas all over Pat's grande pantalones
-Pam rode the ZL500 too, so she smells like gas... its hot :-)
-Pat paid $10 towards the Grease and Go fund
-Quick Draw 12-14-44, $18 in, won $10, then lost another $12...
-Left Rascals down to Cary Lake, trails south of 104 were awesome
-Kathy leads for 3-4 miles
-Cary Lake Men's Room -  There is a TexaCo lubricant for everthing.... 670 are on the Pacific Locomotive...
-Cary Lake to BHH.  Falcon and Firtherr continue to Mulconrys via the tracks.  Sharon and Kathy drive trucks home
-Falcon's 700 would not go over 10 miles an hour after hitting corn rows north of Alpco... changed plugs, not help.... found the muffler was not seated properly, reseated and OK.
-Made it to Mulconrys after some tough riding thru a logged field
-Home at 1am

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