Friday, January 14, 2011

Sliders, Springs, Skis, Tail light and Go...

Repair Log...

Big D, replaced skags.... opps I mean sliders. Homemade slide hammer worked pretty good. Left side no problem, right side slider derailed and damaged the slider, Big D made a run to Filers for a second slider. Installation of 2nd slider on right side no problem. Had a hard time getting the right side slider screw back in. Was finally able to do it with drill clutched to #4.

Firtherr, installed new Ski Doo OEM Pilot skis. As per Ski-Doo (Deep center keel holds line in soft snow; shorter outside keel bites in cornering and reduces steering effort. Virtually eliminates darting.) Also found and repaired taillight short. Yellow wire broke off tail light socket. Note: this was taped, not soldered.

Falcon, replaced skags... I mean sliders... No issues. Also replaced rear springs (and spring clips) in hope of delivering more travel out of the rear suspension. Note: right side bogie by spring clip is frozen on the sled, removed the entire assembly to gain access to spring clip.

Start Time 1800
End Time 2230

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