Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Trip - Day 2 - Irish Thursday....

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-In todays episode of what did Gman lose.... (insurance card, found by falcon)
-Starting Milage 366, Yesterday 104 miles
-House to Raquette lake, cross lake and have beer at Forked Lake
-Stop at Adirondack Hotel (long lake)
-Margie made bloodie marys from scratch
-Scott smells like Rector... gas cap issue.
-45 miles from Adirondack Hotel to Childwold
-Adirondack Hotel to Tap Room
-Danny checks skags on Raquette Lake
-At tap room, Scott orders Old Mill, Big John mistakenly orders whole milk
-some random lady at the Tap Room comments on Danno, G-man, Big D and Pat playing cards "I think you guys should be playing strip poker"
-J-Mo, fidgeting is masturbating in Ireland....  a Nappi is a diaper...
-Tap Room to Dakers, 580 shuts down, slinky malfunction… possible cylinder issue, but we get it restarted… Rode back to house to check on Caddy and the 580 wont start… Towed to Clarks Stater Issue???
-Danno and Gman 2-up to Dakers… snow flap dragging on the ground like a groomer… it was flat as a pancake behind that thing…
-Danno rides Ghost Rider remainder of the night…
-Angry Rich shows up at Dakers

-Dakers to Big Moose Inn for Dinner a little business before dinner...

-J-Mo makes Irish Coffees, see video
-Big Moose to Van Aukens, sliky malfunction #2…. Big D slips off trail, J-Mo puts on his helmet backwards & cuts his nose.
-J-mo renames p-dawg “e-rector”
-Richard proposes we drop the slinky and its everyman for himself
-Gas at fast track, scott takes us up the lakes and gives us all a lesson on the safe lake crossing, up to Tap Room
-Kurt likes Christmas trees, and trys to steal Danno’s helmet, called J-Mo english
-Back to house and had plates… J-Mo’s sled parked across the street
-Jessy going to dentist today....
-J-Mo calls sled (ski-doo, ski machine, bike, jetski)
-New Equipment Reviews....
Big John - Zox Helmet - love it, Skis, corners much better, a little darting
G-Man - rebuilt sled...
Nappi - new shield - love it back to normal
Boz - new belt - its a new sled
Falcon - gloves - awesome, springs loosen up back end
Big D - Gloves - 60% not that happy

-Blood sugar 72 yesterday, 96 this morning
-Falcon and Firtherr viewed rooms at Tap Room on Wednesday

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