Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cato 1-16-11

-Dave, Michelle, Pam, Pat, Trevor & Emma... Met Sykes at the 104 Store
-On the road at 830
-White outs on the way to the 104 store
-Breakfast at the 104 store
-took 4W to 5B, a little water on 4w before turing onto 5B
-5B was awesome after entering the Cato Trail Blazer System
-Stopped at TC's bar in for lunch and refreshments
-After leaving TC, rode for 45 minutes before we decided we were lost
-2:15 later we made it back to Cato, now its after 4
-Made a guy open his gas station (he was closing) as we were not going to make it home
-Took 55 back up to 4W. Sykes turn off by Duck Lake
-Home at 7pm
-Mileage? 60?

PS... Very proud of Michelle and how well she drove (after not being on a sled for 2 years). Rode safe and kept up with the pack... Not to mention having Emma on the back... Great job and cant wait to ride with Michelle again...

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