Saturday, January 16, 2010

17th Annual HMWHSC Husband / Wife / Sig Other Ride - Poke-Her-Run

Members: Cadillac, Falcon, Fitherr, P-Dawg
Wife / Sig Other: Linda***, Kathy, Sharon, Pam***

***Denotes first time "virgin" rider..

After a little waffling in the morning, we decided to go for it and take a ride. The sun was out and the snow as heavy. Most trails were fair, some good, some poor, some snirt. All in all a good time was had by all. 54 miles was bad either. Definitely a nice area to ride. I look forward to going back.

-2 cats down... neither owned by the rectors
-excellent planning by fitherr
-Pat takes a header on the trail
-Sharon drives 500 yards before jumping on the back of the doo
-Pam screams thru a corner into the bush
-Virgins (Linda and Pam) ride like pros
-Kathy trys to roll the polaris... twice
-a 25 mph minimum speed limit has been imposed on the next couples ride
-Doos ran hot and didnt want to start
-Cadillac lines up repair man and drops off sleds Sunday AM


Left Kaitlin Drive at 1pm, parked at Wallington Fire House 7863 Ridge Road, Sodus, NY 14551

-Unloaded sleds and gave virgin riders some last minute instructions. Pam's maiden voyage was interesting... I wish we got it on tape...
-Before we made it out of the Fire House fields, the 580 was not behaving. Plugs were changed and ether was sprayed. After a second test drive it was determined the clutch was fried...It would not release. The sled was loaded back on the trailer and big john and Sharon rode tandem.
-A quick not here, if you like all your fingers and how they work, do not stick them inside a busted clutch.

-Trails were mostly fair with some good and some poor... lots of snirt in the corners.
-Headed west on C4... the best trail of the day was the stretch on 104, smooth and flat... rumor has it some of the girls hit speeds of over 30 mph...
-North on s42.. at intersection 304... headed the wrong way... it lead us to a bar overlooking the bay... had our first drink of the day and got our cards
-After getting back on the trail, took s42 to the lake. stopped for a drink and snacks at the bluffs... Lake O was choppy and angry... took pictures, awesome stop
-Took s42B to Skippers Landing. Had a drink and got another card. as we were coming in a couple cops (on sleds) were leaving. the looked (casually) at all the sleds to make sure they were registered.
-Rode s42b, to s42 to c4 west into sodus point. on the way we stopped on the trail for a drink.
-stopped at Franklin House for dinner. had the place to ourselves... had a couple drinks and some bar food for dinner.
-leaving we leaded over the the Steger Haus for a final drink when the drive on Linda's cat broke free. towed the sled up the hill to Geneva Rd and dropped the girls off at the bar. the men went back to the vehicles, loaded the sleds and picked up the girls...
-Steger Haus wanted to close, so the men could not get a drink. Tried to stop at Cary Lakefor a beer but the lot was over flowing & no room to park. Access to the back lot was blocked...Headed home.

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