Sunday, January 3, 2010

That puffy lake snow is deceiving (Brother Nappi)

Unloaded the Scout to run the kids around, found it running on 1 cylinder, again! New coil didn’t last! Had to pull out Phoenix. Buzzed around, tore up grass, driveway, etc. When it melts, I’m in trouble.

This led me to thinking….

Scout has run its course. What to do? I can’t sell it as it was a HMWHSC gift. Options?

1. Anyone interested in taking it?

2. Sell it on EBay – drink the proceeds. (Registered owner is an issue)

3. Drop it off at salvage on way up and use proceeds for drinks.


BTW – Divot, no Divot, Tommy, no Tommy. 10 riders? 2 groups? 1 group? Members returning… I gotta say, this year’s president deserves a round on us for all of the difficult decisions. I didn’t have any of these issues! Hat’s off to you!

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