Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 4

Mileage: 72 Total Trip Miles: 392

Trail Conditions: Good.

Weather: still cold…. Minus 18 this morning. Seemed warmer when the sun was out… Got colder at night… No Snow !!!

Route / Notes:
-Left house went down the lake to Woods Inn to watch the pond hockey and drink a beer. See videos below…
-Back to Clarks for Gas and over to the Hard Times café (I survived Trail 5) for lunch. Bartender Cara laughs as Big John reads yesterdays blog. She enjoyed the Fat Matt comment.
-Took trails up to the Glenmore to try to catch the end of the Cuse DePaul game, but they didn’t get the game (Cuse won 59-57). G-Man scolds Falcon for passing on the trail.
-Big Moose Lake to Big Moose Rd down to 4th lake. There was a traffic jam on the lake. Crossed the lake and got off by the Red Dog (didn’t stop).
-Took FX Matts over to 7th lake house. Not 7th lake boat house. Bartender (Jeff) gets after Falcon “It’s guys like you that make me wish DePaul won”. As we finish our first beer and start to think about leaving, Jeff breaks out chips and salsa…. Stay for second beer. Good Move Jeff. Rich says “I Don’t even know where we are”. Jeff explains black ice. It’s the ice that forms before the snow falls. Johnny said he doesn’t like the old barn. The people are crabby and the urinals smell. Some lady at the bar who liked to listen to our conversations, said the old barn is dark and creepy. It was also commented that they never run the train anymore. Nappi names the house “The walk in cooler”.
-Big John leads us back to the Red Dog to warm up. Jerry voted in as 2011 president. He wants to take us to the Poconos next year…
-Over to Dakers for some snacks (wings and nachos). John paints his electrical cord yellow.
-Head to Traven from Dakers. Watch the Kansas / Kansas St game. Drunk Ladies at bar tell him he looks like Tommy Lee Jones. Big-D’s lights didn’t work. Low beam blown and may have some rear lighting issues too.
-Tavern to Woods Inn, falcon left on the trail, meets up with them at Woods Inn. Rich and Nappi go home before Woods Inn, Big John goes home after Woods Inn.
-Scottie leads falcon, g-man and caddy down to the Red Dog. No one in the parking lot so we head over to Dakers. Place is packed with people from Jersey. Some guy named Pete (from North Jersey) wanted to be our friend.
-Left Dakers and went home to eat plates.



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