Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Night Ride

Members: Big D, P-Dawg, Firtherr, Falcon, Saylor & G-Man

Launched Cary Lake, Took C4 up to Williamson, groomer just came thru as they were grooming for the Webster Picnic. Crossed 104 and Scottie got hung up on the tracks and bent his skag. We had to break off the first few inches and all was well. Rode the bumps to Rascals in Williamson. Had burgers and beers, watched the Eagles game.

2 Cats didn't want to start after Rascals... Doo brothers got them going...

Left Rascals and the plan was to head north east and loop back towards the lake... Unfortunately we didn't find the trail and went back the same way we came. There was some talk of hitting the tap room, but we thought it would be close so we headed back to Cary Lake to listen to the band and gawk at the bartender...

50 some miles.

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