Monday, January 4, 2010

The Red Haze is repaired, well almost!

(background reading, see 2009, Jan Day 4 "-Slow ride on the way home, Rich kisses G-Man, breaks light and cowl... damage report to follow...")

4:30 ish - Picked up the HMWHSMC propane heater from brother Falcon
6:15 - Fired up the heater
6:20 - Began work, started drilling out the old bolts
6:39 - First bolt successfully removed, threads in frame still in tact
7:10 - Second bolt successfully removed, this one was a little bit tougher to get out but I got it and again the threads in the frame were in tact.
7:11 - Had to turn the heater off it was too hot!
7:15 - Trying to put the cowl back on my hand started to cramp up something fierce! ( Man I need that operation!)
7:20 - Cowl back on
7:21 - Started the Yammy but thought something was wrong way too much smoke, realized the problem was me. I forgot to turn the choke off.
7:22 - Had to open the garage doors, too much smoke!
7:23 - Yammy back to running smoothly
7:24 - Realized I still had a problem, my speedometer is working intermittently. Must have a loose connection some place. CRAP!
7:25 - Had to halt repairs because of other things I needed to do.

Hopefully I can get it figured out maybe tonight! Anyone with electrical knowledge that wants to stop over tonight after 7:15, I will be looking at it.

That's it for now! Happy riding and remember a bad day of snowmobiling is better than a good day of work!


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