Saturday, January 2, 2010

Webster Ride

Date: 1/2/2010
Members: Falcon & P-dog (with wifes)
Mileage: 29

Lauched at Carey Lake on 441 (new trail spur)

Repair log: during unload... the ZL 500 was frozen to to the trailer... so we pulled it off... Further investigation revealed the emergency brake was on... and broke so we had to pry it back... after several attempts to get it going and suggestions from our better halves, we left the sled... the caliper is frozen to the disc... dragging the sled back on the trailer was a chore...

-pam and pat dismouted on the way to bill grays
-dave found some water on 441
-kathys eyes caught fire
-bands at at carey lake every friday and saturday night
-all and all it the day exceeded expectations

Another diddy for you...

pam and pat were riding two
kath on the polaris and me on the doo...
the snow was thin, the trails were fair
we wanted to ride, we didnt care...
so we were off, to bill grays we drove
thru the fields, and across roads...
the walworth loop was our trail back
at carey lake a band, a beer and a snack...

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