Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 2

Mileage: 160

Trail Conditions: 7 of 10 on the Bozley scale. Firtherr says 58% Good, 11% Fair, 9% Poor,  22% excellent
Route: 5 to 9 to 1 to cross over down the 17 mile crossing to Trails End (formerly Bucs).  Bucs to Timberview.  Timberview to Montague.  Montague to Pine Tree, Pine Tree to Wayback, Wayback to Tap Room.  Tap Room Home.
Repair Log: Falcon skags @ Trails end (Mileage 1836), Firth skags at home, Jerry needs front end alignment

-excellent breakfest sandwitches.... thanks Caddy and Rich gets an assist
-met a group of couples.... they say to scott, "we don't ride, we plod."
-rich trail dials me 3 times
-Jerry rolls sled over and checks scags on the trail
-Lunch at Timberview
-Scott and Rich have a hard time getting up the hill.  Question: will they be picked next year?
-Scott, the thing I like the best about my new sled: smooth riding suspension, the thing I miss the most about the love seat (old sled) backrest and studs.
-Falcon and Firth lose $16 on quick draw, Rich even
-late night plates - thanks caddy
-DMB marathon at Tap Room, forces Rich to leave
-Little know fact.... Boz binges and purges.... he is becoming bulimic and love advil
-Nappi borrows Richs hat @ tap room



Trail recap

Trail 9

Timberview - nice hats



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