Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Trip - Day 1.

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-All vehiles on the road by 0800
-Big John & Falcon stop at Hudons and see Roger, pick up gas cap, stop switch and skags
-G-Man looses iPad power cord in driveway
-Arrive at house by 1230
-Head out to Hard Times Cafe for lunch
-Falcon is angry.... big d is wearing a hockey hoodie and making falcon even more angry
-On ride to tap room, multiple mechanical issues with the newest sled in the fleet
-Mary Burke is getting a divorce and doesnt drink anymore... move to Old Forge and doesnt drink anymore... "She was an ugly drunk"
-On return trip from Tap Room, J-Mo (Damian) gets new sled, break light out...scott fixes sled, found loose connection
-Up to glenmore, J-Mo breaks skag
-Lost Firth and danno on the way home... slinky issue... stopped at big moose station.... some old dude at big moose station "I only missed out twice... once i wasnt there and once i wasnt asked.
-back to house for Irish Stew, p-dawg in the house at 2030
-ran back up to tap room for one, then home from 8th to 7th

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