Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Trip - Day 4

-House to Dakers for SU vs. 'Nova, Nova shoots lights out and downs the Orange 83-72

  • On way to Daikers, Rector gets new Helmet due to fogging issue, Caddy has low beam issue
  • J-Mo accepted into Club pending 2012 attendance

-Daikers to Taproom via 7th/8th lake

  • Nappi bails and heads home 
  • Kurt doesn't remember taking Danno's helmet, see day 2
  • J-Mo tells Falcon and Caddy how he made his way to Rochester

-Taproom to Wayback (Scott loses hat in woods off trial 2)

  • Things get a little out of hand at Wayback... Kid issues /  Jukebox was crankin... 
  • Shot with Debra
  • Scott meets a Gal who he knows through his grandfather

-Wayback to Daikers

  • Scott finds hat
  • J-Mo hits tree $529 in damage
  • Pizza at Daikers
-Daikers to house for quick pit stop
  • Then there were 7... Pat and Rich stay home
  • J-Mo 2 ups with Danno
-House to Taproom
  • Meet Jennifer and her sister... they were friends this week, but last week they got in a fight
  • J-Mo catches up on his sleep
Miles: 93
Trip Total Miles: 436 (up from 392 in 2010)

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  1. How come J-Mo's story of how he ended up in Rochester is not in the blog? I for one would like to know the story!