Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 3

Mileage: 80

Trail Conditions: Good.  FX Matts was excellent… first groomed trail we road this week (until we road over it twice..)

Weather: cold cold cold…. Minus 8 last night leaving the Tap Room.  Minus 20 this morning.  49 degrees in the house… We had to bring the salamander in for auxillary heat.

Route: Gas at Big Moose Yammy, down to North Street Snowmobile parts ??? in Old Forge (big-d) needed skags… Trails 1-2, Up to Big Moose Station (Lunch).  BMS down trail 10 to 5 to N. Woods.  Place was packed with Hockey Players… Went to Dakers.  Took Lake to Woods Inn.  Boz leaves to go home.  Down South Shore to Red Dog.  Ran up and down FX Matts (awesome…. sorry you missed it Boz).  South Shore up to FX Matts. Falcon & Firth to Dakers, Caddy to bed, Everyone else to Tap Room.  Falcon and Firth met up with rest of club at Tap Room.

Trail 10 sucked.  It was bad Wednesday and still is bad and will continue to be bad until it snows and a grommer comes thru.  The 2 trees laying across the trail is a good indication the town of webb has abandoned this trail.

Repair Log: Woodys is very happy.  We changed skags on several sleds.  Scottie, Caddy, Gman all needed skags…. So did Big D, but we haven’t located a pair yet.  Johnny also replaced a belt.

Bartenders…. How do you like that?
-Bartender at Big Moose Station (Steve) use to work at The Glenmore.  He quit because his brother is going thru a mid life crisis and wanted him to work in the kitchen.  “I don’t work in the kitchen”.  Steve makes a mean Irish Coffee.  He also road across slush on Big Moose Lake
-Matt at Screaming Eagle… Fat Matt.  He a big guy that’s for sure… has to turn sideways to get in/out of the bar.  Scotty took the ball and ordered pizza and wings at the bar.  The site of all that food on the bar got the best of Matt.  A lost sausage was sitting on the pizza tray.  Matt reaches over, grabs it and pops it in his mouth… How do you like that?
-Kelly at the Woods in says the “Killer Bees” are annoying… We all agreed Kelly is looking a little weathered.
-Kurt at the Tap Room was sober… This guy is either sober or the drunkest guy in the county.  There is no middle ground.  Big John asked him if he was an ice fisherman.  His idea of ice fishing includes a 12 pack.

-Most valuable Member award given to Falcon.
-Quote from Jimmy Cuttingham referring to all the layers you have to wear in the winter, remembered by Scottie…. “Six inches of close… 5 inches of dick, black men have that problem too.”
-Scotty gives Falcon another remedial lesson on riding the lakes…. From Dakers to Woods Inn… Stay left to Clarks Marina, then cut over to Woods Inn.  Going right is a bad idea.
-G-Mans sled has a shaved clutch…. It makes easier to change his belt. 
-We saw a couple leaving the Red Dog with 2 way radios.  Johnny asks the wife if she talks dirty to her husband, she said that’s the only time he listens to me.  It was suggested we buy radios.  Nappi thinks it a bad idea…  especially with your wife.  “your going the wrong way”  “why didn’t you warn me about that bump”
-left dollar at BMS
-Hats are helping build the clubs brand equity.  Several bartenders and patrons asked about the club. 
-Do you know the Buffalo Bees….
-Todd took a lot of heat yesterday.  Who’s Todd?  Ask g-man.
-John Firth resorts to name calling… Idiot…




  1. WOW that's COLD!!!! Josh and I are watching the original HMWHC..."Little Rascals" before we go to see Mags and Michelle CHEER...we will represent! Love ya all...stay safe...Lori :)

  2. So I return to the clubhouse around 8 PM and the water bottles we brought in the night before are still frozen after 18 hours!!! How do you like that!!!! I actually thought the post about the salamander was in jest...Until I watched the video...Classic!!!!