Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day One

-Left Rochester approximately 9am. Order of Arrival.... Nappi, Caddy & Big D, Falcon & Firtherr, G-man & Saylor, and Boz at 0020... Nice & Easy at rt 12&28 - nice bathrooms (when we arrived)
-Nappi sells Scout at Hudon's sled salvage for $200.  Proceeds fund the wally pool... We drink to the scout at Dakers and Tap Room.  Picture below....
-Jerry finishes PPT (power point presentation) & talks to boss.  Boss says "Its cool you own your own snowmobile... Be Safe." 
-Lost in Old Forge.... Danno & Big D couldn't find Dakers... Some think Danno's navigation skills were channeled into Caddy
-Left Dakers to have dinner at Glenmore.  Trail 10 sucked. Bumpy & hard.
-Cluster F on Big Moose Lake. Big D 270 spin, Nappi was lost, Caddy  & Nappi thru slush, Scott has to avoid Jerry.
-Big Moose Inn closed too
-Down Big Moose Rd, to Uncus to the Tap Room.  Dinner at the Tap Room.  Kurt (retard) bartending.  Big John unites with local.... Local says "Good call Sherlock".  "Holmes" says Fitherr... "Not Johnny" say local...

-Recapped "Top 10 Things G-Man Forgot" over the past years....
  1. gas cap @ big moose yamhma
  2. hat @ the taproom
  3. trades hat back in, but leaves blackberry at taproom
    (paid postage due to taproom last nite...  tard did not know what to do with it...)
  4. jacket at visitors center (TODAY!!!)
  5. left his innards at slickers...
  6. lost his wallet, found in his bibs
  7. left registration at big moose inn...
    (was mailed back...)
  8. left sled for other HMWHSC members to load and unload (as he finishes his PPT presentation...)
  9. power cord for helmet
  10. (stay tuned, i'm sure he will lose something today)
-Left Tap Room for the Tavern. Dog in the bar.... Owner says "Katie (the dog) is only as smart as the people around her"  just as G-Man calls the dog up on the "new" bar stools...
-Bartender wants to sell us his converted ambulance: 350 diesel, berber carpet, amish fireplace and a barker lounge chair... all lights work, no sirens, no rear brakes 
-Left Tavern to come home, Boz arrives at 12:20am

-Approx. 85 miles.
-Hockey Tournament at North Woods Inn


above: the scout is sold... lets steal it back, new hats below...

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  1. Love the update!!! Lol!! We women folk miss you all.....just a little :) Be safe, warm and have fun!

    Love and kisses,
    Mrs. Johnny Holmes