Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 Trip - Awards

Favorite Bar: Wayback
Best Trail: 9-29-2
Most $$ lost at Quick-draw: J-Mo
Favorite Shot: Jameson's
Least Number of Miles leading: e-Rector 0
Rookie of the year: J-Mo (by default)
Best Meal: Irish Stew (thanks J-Mo)
Best Wings: Red Dog
Best Drink: Irish Coffees
Best Restroom: Trail 2
Best Place to Lose Hat: Trail 2
Best Place to Find Hat: Trail 2
Best New Nick Name: Firt, runners up Mert and eRector
Girliest Sled: ADK Motel Long Lake
Worst Slip of the Tongue: J-Mo slips f-bomb talking to kids
Best Bar Tender: Debra, J-Mo, Jessy, you vote... add a comment...
NEW->Best Popcorn: Van Auken's
NEW->Most Sleds Rode: Danno (580, 1000-Cat, Fan 440, Ski-Doo 700, Pantera 550... anything else?)

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